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Revolution DNA, is probably the highlight of an illustrious career, for the band known as Septic Flesh. These guy's from Greece, of all places, have created the consumate metal album for the ages. No femme vocals here, allthough, Natalie Rousalis did perform on a couple of albums with them, and is now a full time member with Chaostar, which features some Septic Flesh ex-members. The album has everything a headbanging metalman would want when listening to his music. Melodic, symphonic, blastbeating riffs are all we get. I read somewhere that this was an album onto itself, one of a kind. And so groundbreaking that many death/doom bands have made it their map, also. Any metalhead or music lover, for that matter, who doesn't have this album in their collection, is really missing out on something special. I, myself, listen to it at least once a week. The technicality of the music is awe inspiring. I am a big Septic Flesh fan and I can tell you that this is their shining moment.

Review by: DENNIS R.

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