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I don't know what to say Iam one of their Bigest fun .I Heard this Album Live and I tell you that the Septics Know
how to play live an album like that.Great Work Sotiris!

Review by: Loki_the septic

Sumerian Daemons is one of the BEST record I have ever heard - literally. Everyone who likes death metal should buy it.

Review by: KaMIL

This album is one of the darkest pieces of music, Ive ever encountered. It starts with an eerie operatic choir intro, wich leed us into the first song. The killer track Unbeliver, its dark, heavy deathmetal with a sound of its own. Next we get Virtues of the beast, a litle slower than the opener, but strong and wery good. After that we get Faust a song that starts with yet another operatic intro. I dont care to mention every singel track, but the three mentioned are my favourites, although the rest of the album is brilliant as well. Basically if you like dark and pretty powerful symphonic deathmetal, that sounds like nothing else you will love this album, probably the darkest piece of art Ive ever heard.

Review by: serenity

what we get here is good-dark-death metal with slighy atmospheric touch-cllassic

Review by: iudicium

rockin' metal album on some tracks. Septic Flesh move on but can still blow your mind with layering, mixing, and rhythm. no one else can do this.

Review by: ttong

you had to see them live for the tour of this album,apocosmic atmosphere! they proved that the Hellenic scene is ready for everythin even to the production matter. one of the best quallity releases of dark death metal,you can say with a touch of black metal for this album.find it soon!!!

Review by: sotiricon

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