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in some way it's less aggressive and fast than the other albums but it is simply fantastic, a jewel in his genre! melodic and fast,really expressive....I love it a or die

Review by: impaled god

Devin Townsend has clearly shown that there are no boundaries in what he is capable of. The masterful compositions with their brilliant female choir arrangements, chaotic samples, devastating drumming, ear-piercing riffery, ravishing vocalwork and violent attitude have absolutely no match in the entire metalscene. "Alien" in its slightly pyhtonesque humor and benevolent arrogance is of a totally unchallengeable mastermind. So to say, "Alien" is goodest bestness.

Review by: Punisher

For me, City is one of the best metal albums of our time, and still one of my favorite albums since the first time I heard it. I've followed the band since then to lead to this. Alien is Amazing. An absolutley excellent release and one that lives up to City in almost every way. Devin Townsend once again proves to us that he is a musical genious and creates the best music out of Canada. Shitstorm, Love?, Shine, and Possessions just fucking kill. One of my top releases of 2005. 9.8/10

Review by: LexComa

Holy fuck,

completely powerful, Devin Townsends a metal genius. Gene Holgan play some retarded drums and all the pieces fit so well together. One of the best, 10/10!!!

Review by: MetallicOpeth

Great album! Devin is a genius, no less!!!
Rate: 9.5

Review by: BRN

Alien is absolutely brutal and absolutely uncompromising in it's maniacal assault on your ear drums. The immense power that SYL conjure up using the synth bass bombs, the punk-tinged, shredding guitars, the insane drumming of Gene Hoglan and the ferocious vocal delivery of Devin Townsend make this one of the most intense albums I've ever, ever heard - I love it, it's music to wreck your lounge to! Only slightly marred by the slightly muddy mix.

Review by: prodigious_guy

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