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Completely mad but very heavy and extreme! These are the first things that come into my head after first listening. varying from all out noise at times, to some really catchy melodies at others, this album should appeal to a broad range of metal fans. The tracks "SYL" and "Drizzlehell" being my favourite tracks on this album. There is also a very silly (and amusing) hidden track at the very end of the album too, titled "Satan's Ice-cream truck"! So sit back, press play and bleed from your earholes!

Review by: QuinnDexter

First album for Dev as SYL. Needs work but it has the greatest opening track for a first album. SYL (the song) is amazing. Second we get In the Rainy Season, the drumming is fucking amazing. Goat is a good short track and Cod Metal King gets better every time I hear it. Skin Me is a brilliant song mainly for the vocals of crazy dev, screaming, and quickly switching to growling. Hidden track (Satans Ice Cream Truck) is down right funny. Not the greatest but very fun to listen to

Review by: hammerheart87

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