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this album is ok but it has to be mutch better to top the city album.sound a lil bit mainstream,and its not fast enough.but its still the work off the madman devin.

Review by: fredeath

This is Strapping Young Lad's new CD, not as good as CITY in my opinion, but defenitly worth picking up. This cd delivers what you want when you want it, heavy and fast as usual. Deven Townsend has done it again, I got a chance to see these guys live a little while back, played lots of stuff of this CD, great material.

Review by: REFLEX

I really liked the two prior albums by these guys but this one is really special.Truth be told,while the others albums are really nothing more than extensions of the ideas that fear factory began in the early 90's this album has it's own true identity.You can tell it's a band album not Devins ideas on a record.Plus what other band could get away with having a brutally heavy album like this that's original and has those cheesy Judas priest like singing vocals(Pantera perhaps?)Overall a solid product as infectious as syphillis.Speaking of which Where's my cream?I hope they reform and make more records some day.

Review by: lightninboltz

This is absolute shit!

I like "heavy as a really heavy thing" and a bit of "city" but this is really shitty.

Buy their first album and leave this piece of shit alone.

If you bought this album I recommend you to grab a hammer and smash it to little pieces.

Review by: Hardboiled

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