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This is the first time ever that I feel like posting a review, but Taake's "...Bjoergvin..." has won my resistence. Recorded by Pytten at the Grieghallen, "...Bjoergvin..." contains 7 tracks of Norwegian Black Metal in a Darkthrone-Bathory vein and fascination, but adding a surprising psychedelic/progressive touch, never invasive and well-almagamated with the rest. It can remind of the last Enslaved's evolution on "Monumension", but the result is way better, in my opinion. The songwriting is excellent and the tracks are full of changes, well-thought arrangements, and sonic surprises. If you wonder what that curious "poing"-sound on the third track is (similar to the sound that a coil would make), well, it looks like a typical folk instrument played with mouth. That sound is so weird to increase the alienating atmosphere of the track. The music is well-produced, violent, melancholic and melodic like the original Black Metal is, and Taake's leader Hoest (also on guitar and principal composer) is absolutely outstanding. The album comes in a cool digipack format and the booklet contains the lyrics (in Norwegian), but written in runes!
"...Bjoergvin..." is the best old-styled black metal album that came out in the first half of 2002, although those psych/prog atmospheres I talked about suggest a new musical evolution and therefore the word "old-style" is probably not the most appropriate. But that's the magic behind Taake: they play with one foot in the past, celabrating the tradition (Hoest releases stuff since 1993, after all), but giving room to their own personal inspiration.
Once again I got lost in the cold and foggy Scandinavian forests... and it was sweet.

Review by: Gargoyle

Taake shows a more "progressive" style on this release, a mix between their debut and a touch of the last albums of Enslaved. They still manage to create a good atmosphere here without loosing their identity. All of the songs are excellent, one of the best releases in 2002.

Review by: Antkoviak

Refreshing bouquet of oldschool Taake mixed with plain heavy/death metal elements, some parts remind me of Mork Grynning, it seems somewhat slower and less agressive compared to the previous album, more medolic yet still with the original Taake identity.

Review by: hw-90

To me this is what true Black Metal should sound like, it's raw, but not anoyingly raw. I could imagine standing over looking a fjord and hearing this as a description to the frozen landscape. Black metal at some of it's best.

Review by: Wintermist

gotta check out that funny sound which appears on track 3

Review by: forgotten

thatīs not a funny sound.. thatīs a mouth harp.
a beautiful folk instrument.

Review by: kukkost

i think this is pretty nice but still boring after a bit..2 out of 5

Review by: the fog

Taake kills all other nowdays black, Hoest is the antichrist!

Review by: deathshandbag

Well, this is what i call pure fucking metal. Though no gayish keybords used on it somehow it creates nice evil atmosphere. It contents lots of melodies based only upon work of guitars. Hoest voice is sick, and whole album is one of the greatest in the history.

Review by: baarthag

this second album is perfect like the first but i just change one part in one song, that's it, pure viking fast black metal with lirics in runes

Review by: blot

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