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Why hasent anyone reviewed this yet?
This is the best album to come out since windirs likferd 2 years ago. And I guess it will be my favoritealbum from 2005.
The album is in the vein of bjoergvin. True norwegian folkmusic-inspired blackmetal with a little progressive twist. This is a combination which happens to please me.
Sometimes it can remind me of newer enslaved, like monumension, and thats not a bad thing. I still think its far better than enslaved though.

A shame that Taake is put on ice, because the band has given us three fantastic ambums: nattestid, bjoergvin and now doedskvad.

Review by: manndaudsvinter

This is probably their best album, everything on this album is fucking killer. This is one of those bands you just cant go wrong with. The stile is like the previous albums only the songs are a bit longer and there are no clean vocals; there are some guest performances by Nattefrost, Nordavind, Taipan and Discomforter; and this time there are even photos of the band on the inlay(the lyrics are still written in runes)
All in all this is Norwegian Black Metal at its best.

Review by: Vomit

i've been listening to this album for a couple of days now and i've finally realized that this is a big disappointment. this release totally lacks inspiration and it's just a big bore to listen to. a couple of nice passages here and there but nothing that can save the album. im not recommending this to those of you who liked their previous works. but i guess some of you might like it. so just give it a try or two. but don't expect anything as great as their 2 recent albums.

Review by: homo

One of the best albums of this year.!!!!!!

Review by: Hoest

One Of The Best Albums of this fucking year!!!!!

Review by: Hoest

This is an amazing record with really good lyricks (specially song nr.5. love that tekst.)

I love this record.
By the way.. Taake isn't put on ice!
They are playing on Hole In The Sky in Bergen in the end of july. (2005)

I asked Hoest and he told me that they where just not going to play any concerts in a while :)

Sorry about the bad english. Im from Norway, even though that is an lousy excuse..

Review by: zavaira

Simply AMAZING!!!

with a lot of progressive black touches, this album can take the essence of true blackmetal and add some new ideas

Incredible, one of the best albums of this year

Review by: EMPERADOR

congratulations to taake, they never disappoint me, this album if the same than the 2 previous albums, just black metal, vocals rrrrgrgrgrgrgr, runes, viking, the castle etc, good production, taake i hope other masterpiece soon. pure fucking norwegian black metal

Review by: blot

This is the best album in the world. I love it! i got it on both cd and LP. Hoest's voise is whispering, and grim in a way that makes my hair on the neck raise. Mord kick really ass on his drums. this is true folk-inspired black metal, and it is better then everything else!

Review by: Urjotunen Ymir

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