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This is the only album from this one man band. The Eye is Vindsval's (fm Blut Aus Nord) side project. What you cld expect here is just slow, atmospheric & fucking cold BM. Each track develop grim & dark ambience with a little Burzum touch. You will re-find "Hvis Lyset Tar Oss" & "Filosofem" atmosphere. Synth are used as organ in order to accentuate the coldness of the thing. Definitely one of my favourite album from the BM scene. I advise all of you will appreciate this opus to buy Blut Aus Nord "Ultima Thulée" & "Fathers of the Icy Age" &, more for the curiosity, Children of Maani "In the Veil of Osiris" Mcd (other Vindsval 's side project).

Review by: Quintessence

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