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I'm not the biggest Thyfing Fan, but I heared some stuff by the guys and I was into it, so, I bought also the "Vansinnesvisor", and I have to say, that it was very very Disappointing me. No Melodies and it seems like they want to sound more vehement. I hoped that the new release "Farsotstider" is like,... "oldfashioned", but this was also in the Style of "Vansinnesvisor", so I can't get into it, it's nothing that tears me away.

Review by: Staccato Errection

This is just awesome medieval darkness. Not happy as their earlier records. Just darkness, death and hatred in an original way. Not black metal. Don`t know how to say......Thyrfing-music? Anyway, i worship Peter, Patric, Kimmy and Joakim.

Review by: winterspell

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