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For me this is the best album of Thyrfing and the best song is "The Deceitful".

Review by: Shankao

An excelent album,with great sound and effects...The northern atmosphere - viking elements -realised a true opera.For me,the best song is The Deceiful too...

Review by: dark_codru

Now this is what I call viking metal! There are so many catchy melodies here and the vocals are just awsome. This is thyfings best album, although the other are excellent to.
This is a 10/10

Review by: manndaudsvinter

Really good album, the best of the 4 albums, great sound and effects, melodic sound mixed with brutaly and cruel scream/ roar.....
best songs:
Firever, The Deceitful, A Great Man's Return, MiMer's Well and Valdr Galga.

Review by: ThyrfingFan

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