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This is probably the best polish Black Metal band I ever heard. Mayby its a bit softer than other BM bands, but it's a very well-thaught-out album inspirated by Slavic culture of old Poland. Once they were a NSBM band, but this album was recorded without the creator of this band - Capricornus, and with his person the NS accent has vanished for good from the band. Lyrics are very good poems written in polish and latin. The album is a composition showing the sadness of the slavic culture opressed by the teutonic cross. Through the album the phases of fight against the imposed christianity. From the open war, through the victories and losses. Each song refers to the current state of mind of those who remember about the ancient culture and the christioan terror... Everything is shown in very expressive form. From fast and powerfull electric guitar riffs to slow and almost slavic folk acoustic guitar parts. Best polish-language growling i ever heard, gentle female vocals, and lots nature sounds (sea, wind, rain etc.). Every one who likes BM and understands the lyrics will love the album from the beggining till the end.

Review by: vandall

In my opinion, this is the best polish black metal one can get. The feeling is so strong that you can't ignore it, even if you want to. Despite it has the slavic culture in the melody and lyrics, there's no doubt it's good black metal, that does not let the raw effects behind, and makes you remember of the anger that people had, and the suffering and despair that brought it to them. It is of easy perceiving that any kind of strong feeling into the metal, such as sadness, regret or hate brings a special effect to the listener. And this does happen to Thy Worshiper. A great band that conquers your heart and charms you into the old times of the slavic life. I think i'll never forget what i felt the first time i listened to the title track of this album.

Review by: Viktor Drums

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