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A perfect example of blackened death metal album.
Warnaments lyrics-wise cover the themes of 1st World War, rather than your typical satanism, paganism, inverted crosses, pentagrams and all that stuff.

Mid-to-high tempos, good production, pronounced lead guitar make this a very interesting position, although not a revolution. There's melody, there's heaviness too, varying tempos, plenty of riffing and blasting, these guys know how to play. I particularly loved how the leading guitar was underlined and accented throughout the entire album. It's gritty, it's thick and yet selective so that you can easily discern each accord - especially in The Blunted Weapon.

You will experience both Big Goblin vocals aka growls as well as some Small Goblins - typical BM screams. There are some normal vocal samples, but they add little to the content.

Length of the album is satisfactory, considering it's faaar from monotonous, each song will grab your balls in different places and twist them in different directions.

There are recognizable leading themes in almost all of the songs, nothing spectacular mind you, but a job very well done nevertheless. No real weaknesses on this album.

Purists would probably complain that the musicians don't know what genre of metal they want to play, but it's irrelevant since the overall effect is very satisfying.

As for comparing it to other bands? I guess a remote comparison to Enslaved in some of their mid-early work, around RUUN, also occasionally sounds similar to Keep of Kelessin - Armada - but mostly your typical Scandinavian death and black metal bands, there's plenty of musical elements to derive from here.

Definitely recommended.

Review by: Blasph

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