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As for me this album is one of the fundaments of what I call true Gothic Metal. Medieval styled choirs, old english and latin lyrics, perfect growling, sirene-like female vocal, organ, and hard electric guitars. I remember that not to long ago I've been listening to this cd over, and over and over again. And yes, I love this album.

Review by: Vandall

There's nothing that I can say, only that Tristania is the best Gothic Metal band on Earth. This album is perfect, with dismal songs, dark harmonies, enchanting vocals from Vibeke and powerful voice from Morten. Pale Enchantress, Midwintertears, Angellore and My Lost Lenore are classics to me.....

Review by: Gothic.Cadaveria

By far, the band's best work. Great female vocals and excellent violin playing are the album trademarks . Donīt miss "Midwintertears".

Review by: Axor

If you want true Gothic Doom Metal, this is the cd to buy. Only Theatre of Tragedy's Velvet Darkness They Fear can rival it...
Their best album by far, great atmosphere, great vocals.

Review by: Altor

I fell in love with Tristania when out of pure luck I heard My Lost Lenore, A dark romance that filled my heart as it was to call to me. I adore Tristania, each album becomes more perfect then the next, they sing how I feel and what I think about it's the perfect band to describe a person like me for how I so loved the darkness that Tristania brings out.

Review by: DragonLady24

i try do not listen to this album. wanna now why? just because when i listen to it I become possessed. theres no words to characterize too many beauty

Review by: lobotomy

This album is one of the greatest power metal album ever invented. Vibke's voice is awsome and the crushing male vocals cannot ever be rivalled, not even by black metal bands. My favourite song here is 'My Lost Lenore'. If I never listened to Nightwish's Oceanborn then this album would have gotten a 10/10 but its not far from it. Unfortunately,Tristania's follow ups were unable to live up to Widow's Weed's expectation.

Review by: darkharmony

This is the greatest gothic metal album of all times! Unfortunately Tristania never managed to create anything close to this masterpiece in their following releases.

10/10 points.

Review by: El Diablo

Nice, but too copied.
Listen to Theatre of Tragedy-the real thing!

Review by: Mercury

the best albun beutyful gothic metal in the history

Review by: fin Blackheart

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