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I had many doubts about how Tristania's new album would be, since Widow's Weeds and Beyond the Veil were quite alike in concept and style. I have to say I visited Tristania's official homepage and downloaded the samples available of their new songs, and I got a bit disappointed.
Anyway, I decided to buy their album (damn, I'd been a long time waiting for that) and discovered that I hadn't made a bad trade...
Tristania has changed their lineup and sounds fairly different from the two other albums. They are more melodical, maybe less grandiloquent, but yet effective. The guitar riffs are less contundent, the male voices are not as extreme... and the girl's voice, as always, is crystal clear.
In few words, a very good album, but listen to it twice.

Review by: runter

And this Tristania's album unlike any other is a piece of worthless crap. Now they're playing some kind of pseudo Gotic pseudo Metal with lots of electronics, looped samples and other shits... Maybe they tried to be like Sins of Thy Beloved, but they failed... As for me this is the end of this once great band...

Review by: Vandall

Some, just do not know art, when they hear it. Tristania, and bands like them, and there are many, are the most perfect form of artistry in music today. I cannot for the life of me figure out what people are looking for in todays music scene. If you can't look at this album as something on a grand scale, then there is no help. I've listened to this album over and over again, and for my taste, this is the kind of music I prefer. Symphonic and gradiose on the highest of scales. There are many, as I stated, bands doing music on this scale today. Along with Tristania, bands such as After Forever, Within Temptation, Trail of Tears, Theater of Tragedy are artists of monumental proportions, sort of like the great masters of classical music. If only people would listen, there ears would be truly rewarded. Everything made does not have to have faster than the speed of sound riffs. For my part, "World of Glass" is a monumetal release, in spite of what other reveiwers may have already said. Just think of the work and effort these people are going to, to give us something other than radio pop.

Review by: DENNIS R.

Tristania changed the musical stile from Widow's Weeds to World of Glass. Tristania is my favourite band and I don't care that they changed the sound. Now it's more eletronic and with less extrem vocals, it's less dark too, but it's stills being Tristania, the best band in the world. My favourites songs are: Crushed Dreams, Hatred Grows, The Modern End and The Shining Path. Excellent!!!

Review by: Gothic.Cadaveria

don't buy it!!!!!!!

Review by: blub

i just thank god for tristania realesing this album, the first day it came out i bought it (and of course hated it)
and ever since i realized :"WHAT THE HELL AM I LISTENING?" began to hate all this doom/gothic nonsense

Review by: Siberian Skies

Hmmm.. What shall I say? I was rather shocked by this album.. But what can you expect when the band kicks out the mastermind? No car drives without an engine.. and so be it.. Tristania died a painfull death and Sirenia was born. I have trashed Tristania and am concentrating on Sirenia now. They picked up the trail where Tristania left it.

Review by: chrystall

So there it is...the new album of a new band and I can hardly believe that its name is
Tristania!What has happened with my favourite Gothicband?After two perfect albums - "Widow's
weeds" and "Beyond the veil" I had the feeling and i hoped that the next one will be the
same...but no chance!!!Where the Hell came that electronic sound?Where are the extreme
vocals, where is the darkness?I'm sorry, but this band doesn't exist for me more. But don't
worry, the heart of Tristania Morten continues with Sirenia...and my hope isn't lost!!!

Review by: delion

I really LOVED this album, much much more than the previous ones.

Review by: santalk

You can definately feel the absense of Morten Veland in this album, but you don't necesaraly miss it. It's totally different from the two previus ones but it's just as good, maybe better, reason being the first six or so songs, melancholic, sad, charged with energy. I can understand why other people don't like it, it's definatelly not a traditional metal album but when looked at objectively, it's not half bad as everyone makes it out to be

Review by: donomaniaco

It's a good album, but very different from previous. No more romantism. Some songs are threatening, choirs bring the atmosphere of meanace. Ronny Thorsen of Trail of Tears made great growling wocals. Alot of electronic sampless added, really annoying sometimes, but, well album is still great.

Review by: Sauron

The album cover said to me that this was going to be another exciting album of Tristania. But after buying and listening to it I was startled to hear that almost nothing could remember of the music they used to play before ?!? I've listened to it several times to maybe like it after a few turns BUT IT STAYED despite of the good sound quality. Just before this CD got on the shelves of the stores I saw them live in Plato Helmond (NL) and with this perfect live-show and charisma they stole my heart so I will skip this recording and hope for a new and better one in the near future !!! 1/10

Review by: ph.29666

I think you peeps are nuts. Granted that there is a slight difference with Morten gone... and Vebek is pushed almost to the center stage on some pieces. But seriously. The Shining Path... good opener even it does tend to repeat in melody.. Wormwood!?!? Carl Orf's 'O Fortuna' level here people! Album different from the Morten era, not as melodic, does not change the pace of the melody as often as Morten's Tristania... but it is all still there. All in all, the album is no worse or better than older Tristania.. just different. You want to complain about something, complain about Theatre of Tragedy and their hack attempt at electronics. Or Dismal Euphony's career ending choice to do hair style metal. Tristania's change in sound in no way competes with the horrible horrible changes of some other bands. No, it is not the same Tristania, but yes... it still IS Tristania. That's all that matters to me. And to think, with Sirenia and now Penumbra the operatic stlye of doom/goth metel is growing & all we can do is hope for the best. However, if Morten leaving Tristania and the slight variances of the new Tristania invokes this kind of reaction we're in for a long bumpy road.

Review by: Overman

Despite losing such an "important" band member, the only difference I hear is in the sound quality (slightly down from the previous). I can't believe so many people don't like this, just because Veland's gone... In my mind this is better overall than Beyond The Veil, but like everything else it falls short of Widow's Weeds.

Review by: msatan81

This album as as good as all the other ones. Although I dont like the song "World of Glass much", it has the best song i've ever heard from them "Selling Out". All the other songs are great too!

Review by: Incrave

This albums, is unlike some other say, GREAT! It is GREAT! Try and listen to it... It's so damn full of emotions, so goood!! Really!
Thank god for such a great release!

Review by: VinzZ

although not quite as good as their older albums, and nothing at all compared to the original demos, this is not a bad effort from the band. in my opinion, tristania is the best gothic metal band in the world, and they didn't let me down with this album. the music is still grandiose, deeply textured and epic in scope. they moved from the thin, scratchy guitar sound to a heavier crunch, but it isn't necessarily a bad thing. they still manage to come through with a good, albeit slightly different, album.

anybody have any idea why norway ends up spawning the best goth metal bands? the two best i've ever heard are tristania and dimmu borgir, both from norway. interesting coincidence there.

Review by: mould_jesus

Since Morton left the band, Tristania is not the same, they have lost their style. From Goth Metal to some kind of Gothic rock.
If compare to widow´s weed or Beyond the veil this album SUCKS but if you heard it like a gothic rock album is kind of good.
I think Morton and sirenia should have keep the name of Tristania because Sirenia´s music is much alike to the old Tristania

Review by: shamash

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