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This is my favourite album EVER!!!
Ok, this is just my opinion, but I've never listen to music _SO_ passionfully played. All the 9 anthem's by vinterland have one thing in common: SORROW. All their song emerge from pain, and they use these feeling to create THE best Black Metal album I've ever heard. The riffs are simple, yet very beautiful and melodic. This album is simply TRUE.

Review by: empio

damn this is one of the best album i've ever heard
it is in my top three of all the albums
if someone can give me some more information about the band please send it to

Review by: mörkgryner

Well, this is a surprise for me. It´s a very good black metal album. I say you: "hear it"

And i have a question. ¿Are there another vinterland´s albums?

Review by: Shankao

Well what to say the title is true "welcome to the last chapter" because they never did a second album =( to bad because this is truly a masterpiece! Wonderful melodic death/black metal! i realy like the drums on this album! well they now how to play with their instruments! I LOVE THIS ALBUM! Buy if you like dissection! well buy it anyway you are not going to be disapointed i promise.(This is not a dissectin clone band)10 of 10!

Review by: tompa88

Can't say nothing else that if you like Dissection with a taste of more melody & thrusting power, try Vinterland.
This is in my top 5 albums of all time.

Review by: demaniac

truly a masterpiece!

Review by: midvinter2

Brilliant fucking cd. One of my favorites. Though I'm mostly into alot of raw material...this album was very depressing and cold and really caught my attention. 10/10

Review by: MysticismBlack

Don't buy this cd. It is really the worst cd I ever bought. Even my early, pop cd's, are better then this shit. It is a fussion between the Backstreet boys and Slipknot. So.....
Don't buy it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review by: Blub

it's a good album and totally not pop-influenced, like some people say. it's a good album one of my altime favorits, vinterlan only wrote one album and it's truly brilliant!!
Hail VINTERLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review by: Khold666IsGreat

An excellent album. I have been knowing it for 6 years, and it is still among my favourites. A typical Swedish black metal, but not that kind of average. Deep feelings and a great mood!

Review by: Sjelsommerfugl

This is True MASTERPIECE!!This is classic!!!

Review by: suruntuoja

I can't understand why this album isn't known to more black metal fans out there, it's at least as good as Dissection's SOTLB. Reminds me a bit of Naglfar's Vittra, the songs sound rather sad, like Exalted Above Thrones or Vittra on the Naglfar album. The vocals are fantastic, you gotta check out A Castle So Crystal Clear as well as Wings Of Sorrow!

Review by: the_patriarch

A friend of mine asked if I knew Vinterland..Now I can Say I do,Damnit!!! In stead of the Usual Naglfar, Dimmu and Immortal, this band really knows how to make some damn good black metal.
If you ask me this album's got a ranking in my top 10!

Review by: Infernal

great album...not of course pop-influenced and "trendy" as someone can imagine... ask 10 many of them have "Welcome to my Last Chapter" ? and how many of them have Marduk, Dark Funeral or Cradle of Filth albums?
brilliant album...9/10 for me

Review by: carheart

Really great and different band.perfect album.Thanks Danny!

Review by: Beyto


I still remember when I first heard it. I was stunned. I can't describe what this cd means to me. No music have ever affected me as much as this one. It's simply a masterpiece.

The music is black metal, very sorrowful. It reminds a little of dissection.

If you don't have this cd.. Buy it now you slacker!

Review by: Svartnir

I've heard about this band for many years but never really gave them any attention. But recently I bought this album, and I must say that this cd kills! The atmosphere is drenched with sorrow and darkness. Great songwriting and production. This is pretty close to Dissection, but even closer to Sacramentum's superb 'Far away from the sun' due to the production and overall atmosphere.


Review by: Norrlands_Guld

This is my favourite album!!!
every songs make me feel a different emotion but when i heard the riff in "as i behold the dying sun" ahhhh it's like take out of my body all my pain, i' can't describe in words what i feel!!!

Really fantastic!

Review by: Sadivery

HAIL!!! i've bought this cd a long time ago and i still think its the best black metal cd ever recorded.

Review by: lordworm666

This is a good album with nice drums- and guitarplaying. The melodies are good and the lyrics are just fine. I think this is a album of taste. As you say, dissection fans might like this but I hate to say it but I have heared better.. The voice could be more understandable (it´s not a big problem but if this is going to be the best BM album ever that must become better I say).I think Dan Swanös voice would fit better. There is a lot to say but whats most important I think is that you grow into this album. First time I heared it I didn´t think it was very special. Next time I heared it I thought it was much better though.

I personally like "A blaze in the northern sky", "Crimson II", "Under a funeral moon", "Likferd" etc. better than "Welcome my last chapter". But this is definetly a high class BM album that i think most metal fans would like.
A great keyboard player would improve the whole experience I think, but Im definetly not sure.
7/10 (sry but its not my favourite)

Review by: gustav_

Kind of like dissection but closer to abigor

Review by: isoder

I liked it very much too. If you heard Night's Blood of Dissection and you liked it, hear this. They are not rip offs but they remind dissection. All songs are ok except Vinter Breeze. I liked Vinterskogen and Wings of Sorrow. Really amazig songs. Sad that they didnt carry on.

Review by: Mac

I was one of those people who hadn't heard of this band until recently. Wow- what a killer CD! I'm trying to find my own copy, but am lucky enough to have a friend who picked it up at a used CD shop. He now guards the damn CD with his life. It's really too bad that they were only around for one album, though. If anyone knows where I can obtain an actual copy of this disc, email me at I don't want to be without this one.

Review by: Pannick

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