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If you enjoyed the last 2 vintersorg's cds, you'll probablye like this one.
Again, however, it'll take some time to get used to its new ideas and sound.

Review by: severino

I was really disappointed 'bout "The Focusing Blur"…I wouldn't recommend it to the ones listening to Vintersorg for the first time, doesn't really matter at all. Maybe only the lyrically theme rises it ,I love his conceptions about cosmos, planetary livin’…His questions, our questions, relieve an important aspect of the intellectual side of metal listeners(or, at least, players) unseen to the others…Andreas Hedlung has a planetary vision somehow metaphorical (I think is his way of approaching our minds and souls by cosmos infinite full of unexpectations and mysteries) .In this way,’ The Focusing Blur’ is some kind part II of ‘Visions Of A Spiral Generator’…or another piece of the Star Puzzled in his conscience…(‘cause the Universe theme it had been always present in his opera ,more or less).
But…what about the sound ?I can’t agree with it! The song that makes myself get mad is ‘The Essence’…it creates a good atmosphere(I will not analyze it technically, is not my best for I can’t play any instrument, so… )It combines very well black metal with melodic, atmospheric elements, everything in the most pure epical way…I like ‘Artifacts Of Chaos’, too. But I can’t generalize at all – for me, is their worst album, when I think of their earlier masterpieces, that viking spirit from oldest Vintersorg acts, or when I listen to it as an individual perform...

Review by: dark_codru

I Have to say Vintersorg changed more and more to a progressive Metal band. Because of the influence of Steve diGiorgios new Bass parts that sound more than older Death Albums and his abstract writing of songs Disharmonicel I've rated it with 9. Unfortunetly swedish lyrics aren't on this album and his voice sound very gay on English!

Review by: Nidhoegger

Just a fucking great album... black metal with clear vocal!
Buy or die!!! :D

Review by: Juliussen

WONDERFUL!!!!, like all the works of Mr.V!!!, amazing lyrics!!!and transeendents songs!!!You need to buy this!!!;)

Review by: Salityr

It was not what I expected, but its ok
Have some good songs like "matrix odyssey, the essence or courtains".
Give a good view in the store to see if you find other good cd before buying it.


Review by: netin

this is in my simple =D opnion the best cd of vintersorg. Maybe it is because the chorus that is easy to remember
best tracks? I would have to write almost all songs (only the instrumental is not my stile)

Review By:*´¨)
¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·` * Netin * (yes, I am a man! :D)

Review by: netin

This album is quite original in it's sound. It combines very small amounts of black metal influence, ie: the grim vocals, but the rest of the sound is completely original. And for that alone I would rate it with an 8/10, but since I enjoy everything Vintersorg and I am very aprreciative of his lyrics, I'd give "The Focusing Blur" a perfect 10/10. And, be sure to listen to the song "Curtins," for it will be lick nothing you've ever heard before.

Review by: magister of tenebrosity

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