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"walk without limbs" sounds very cute hehe:))))))
Other songs pretty suck

Review by: dark-girl

I beg to disagree with the previous review. It's a profoundly new album - a fey one, a weird one, a ghostly one... The vocals are earnest and sound magestic. The sound is dense and solemn... on the whole, a very *sombre* album, and a highly worthy one!!!

Review by: Iskander

This has to be one of thee best albums/bands I’ve heard in years.
This album ‘Sombre Romantic’ 2001 showed Virgin Black honing their skill and creative thought in ways I haven’t heard the likes of before. “Essentially five years in the making” this album has so much to offer and is a veritable river of emotion and musical texture from the classical to the electronic ultimately making something new that the closest thing I could label them with is ‘darkwave’ but the more I listen to them the more I believe this is wrong.

Note; Virgin Black have male vocals instead of the usual female vocals in bands of this neo-classical nature. They are also exquisite and help portray the deep emotion present in the music

Because of this the songs all each have their own distinct character and individuality, I believe this may be to the fact that they worked on them over a long period of time and have been able to evolve their sound and songs letting them mature like that of a fine wine giving them body and depth. This is strongly presented in the track ‘Museum of Iscariot’ delivering beauty sadness and superb musicianship.
The sencond album 'Elegant... and dying' is also a work of genius. A highlight here being the track 'Our wings are Burning'.

I would urge anyone that likes darkwave/doom to venture into Virgin Black’s dark sound and hopefully want to stay… forever.
For current fans the most similar band I can think of at the moment is fellow Australian misery monger’s ‘Elegeion’ who’s work I also highly recommend.

Review by: Gavius

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