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One of the best black metal albums I have...although the music is melodic, it still won't destroy the great atmosphere, and the viking melody and guitar riff are so cool !!!
Hail Windir.

Review by: ahlan

hmmm...very nice black metal album with a lot of influences in it like , and cosmocrator as a guest vocal "which is the vocal of a band named source of tide whic i like very much" that makes me like this album very much

Review by: Ancient

1184, in my opinion, is one of the top 5 metal discs ever released. I can't possibly begin to explain how amazing this disc is without writing a book about it. What you have here is raw black metal, Norwegian folk, accordions, electronica and amazing clean metal vocal melodies all rolled into one amazingly produced disc. One of my all time favorite metal songs, "Journey to the End", comes at the end of this disc. It has to be the most beautiful (?) black metal song ever recorded. A metal disc gets no more perfect than this.

Review by: December Mourning

A great album, epic, melodic, athmospheric but still powerful and agressive! The perfect fusion between cutting black riffs and great folkish influences. I received this album as a promo for my radio show, and I discovered a myth! Epic Viking Black metal at its best! HAIL VALFAR!

Review by: Yggdrasil72

In my opinion the best WINDIR album-of course the others are great as well,but songs like HEIDRA makes it really special.So epic and sad in the same time-i feel that all the mellodies are some kind of separate fairy-tale.So sad that there is gonna be no WINDIR anymore HAIL VALFAR

Review by: iudicium

Perfect ! The history continues. Everything is just perfect. I love this !

Review by: gustav_

This is simply an amazing album that everyone into viking/black metal should own.
R.I.P. Valfar (1978-2004)

Review by: AnonymousGore

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