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One of the best black metal albums I've ever heard
This music is really great
Very long and enlargen songs with a lot of different style riffs and different vocals - including growl and 'viking' choirs
Too bad that Windir isn't well known
I strongly recommend this album to all of you

Review by: mik

At first I think 1184 should be Windir best album, but Antor shows me that this album is much more unholy, brutal, and faster, and listenable than 1184. Sometimes I feel that we can get bored for 1184....Anyway, all Windir albums are great !

Hail Windir

Review by: ahlan

Windir is one of the best black metal's band i know,
The use of accordion is quiet original,
There's nothing more to say about Windir,
1184 and Arntor are equal to me,
He's not famous and that's better like this!

Review by: vampyr+mumu

Probably windirs best album, even if the other are awsome as well. This has a true nordic feel. Favorites are: arntor, ein windir, kampen and svartesmeden og lyndamyrs trollet.

Review by: manndaudsvinter

This guy has a fantastic voice. His voice is very strong and fits the music perfectly. I think saknet is the best song of the album. I think it is a worth buying cd.

Review by: montaigne

This album fucking rules!!! No two bones about it!

I would gladly die for valfar just to meet him in the world beyond.

Review by: hellbound87

Absolutely one of the best black metal albums out there. The sweet guitar harmonies are just to put you in absolute awe. The variety in instruments help out, too. Great black folk to dance to!

Review by: SP420

I think that Arntor is one of the best Folk Metal albums. My soul fly away to Sogndal( place where lived Valfar), when I listening this majestic music. I think that Terje Bakken was a great musician and man. Your music forever in my heart. I love you Valfar.The music of Windir is still alive!

Review by: Darkmoon13

This album is one of my 5 favorite of all time. The sound, the lyrics, the music everything is amazing in this one. So bad that Valfar is gone ! But this make is music so much better than before. Hail Windir !! Hail Valfar and Hail to all of you out there that listen to Windir right now !!!

Review by: darkann

Valfar, the Great!

Valfar (RIP) was a young man when he died, only 25. That happened in 2004. This album was written and released in 1999, making Terje "Valfar" Bakken only 19.
According to his age, the fact he wrote all this himself, produced this all himself, did EVERYTHING by himself, AT AGE 19! This album is the work of genius, if by some strange twist of fate you liked Viking/Black/Folk and you've never heard of Windir, and so happen to stumble across this album, you would think it was done by a veteren in the game. What Windir really accomplishes is a sense of atmosphere. This atmosphere is apparent right from the opening track. A instrumental harkening back to the old country, a steady accordian with a folk tune. With this however you don't know what to expect. Once the second track hit you immediately feel the folk and viking energy again, yet the drums get amped up with double bass and blast beats in an instant creating this beautiful, yet crushing soundscape. The riffs throughout the entire album stay folkish and sometimes teetering on the black metal style riffing.
There´s no inferior song in this album. Great! Awesome! Supreme to all black/folk/viking metal which try to imitate Scandinavian atmosphere of viking times because the original is only one - Windir!!!!

The Windir´s Arntor is paramount to whole collection.
10/10, 100% etc.

Review by: saruman

I'm in love with this record and with Valfar's music, I'll come to see your grave someday and put a flower on it. Thanks for your music, see you in the afterlife!!!

Review by: brainlicker

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