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The same songs with Det Gamle Riket(this demo is more impressive than the album)...The powerful atmosphere with excellent vocals and painful sound and really different than any other viking band...With originality,it combines black metal with epic folk melodies...The lyrics are written in an ancient version of Saognamaol,a dialect of Norwegian,which is another fact which makes Windir special...

Review by: Lilith

this is great black metal.. get this and "arntor".. their two of the best albums ever..

Review by: kukkost

This probably the Best Viking albun Ever !!!! After Hammerheart and Twilight of The Gods From the Legend Bathory of course.....

It conbines perfetly Viking and folk With pure raw norweigen Black metal.....

Take this from a person who dont like much viking bands...this is a true classic......

Review by: Sad Spirit

Windir - Sóknardalr

The first album i got by Windir and certainly not the last one i'll get, a very good disk this is indeed.

Starting with a nice old-school blast beat and heavy drums this song starts as aggressive as an opener should be.
The nicest passage should be the one marking the end of this nice track.

The next song is one that clearly is inspired by a folk tune, the organ (i think) adds some more dimension to this song and the black metal riffs too are blended brilliantly with the folk tunes. A very original combination, which isn't that new, but which hasn't been put to use the way it has been here.

Mørket Sin Fyrste starts with promising drums and the rest of the song makes this completely true. This is a faster song then "Det som var haukereid" and is filled with variation like all songs are on this album.

Then the second song with the name "Sognariket" in it which starts with a blastbeat again. This one has a surprising passage in it which i actually didn't expect in this song, which is of course a positive thing ! Then another nice surprise with acoustic guitars that function as the bridge in the middle, and which then fade fluently into the distorted guitars again. Finally the song is led towards the end by the same passage that was used to open it.

Another song with a bit more variation then before in the guitars commences and which has especially nice use of palm muted guitars. A certain part in this song also has a catchy rythim to it that i haven't heard much before. This is an example of those many small things that make this album so variated. The bridge is formed by a slower passage and then continues in the catchy riff again. I also suddenly notice the keyboards more towards the end in this song.

Some death metal influences are spotted by my ear in this next killer song. It's not really death metal but the guitars seem to be revolting and they definetely obtain a place in the spotlights here.
The teamwork between these two 6-stringers also comes forward in this work when a true black metal moment follows.
The total darkness which i totally did not expect here comes lurking around the corner and makes you see hallucinations of dark norwegian mountains and forests. The contrast between the chorus riff and the other riffs on this track is also worth mentioning. The choir's sound is the only thing which i find a little negative, but it's still acceptable, don't get me wrong.

The last barricade before the title song then claims the honor of the foreplay and it breathes its last breath with great energy before it will fade out and the lights will go low for the intro of the main song on this album. In other words this work might still be foreplay towards the title song but it does certainly not deserve to be neglected. (And of course every song on this album is important, i'm just kidding ;) ....) And what a last act of resistance this song is, the longest song on this disk has been placed in front of the main track to shake you from your frenzy which the previous songs created, and to make you clearly awake for the last (yes, so sad but so very true) song on this album.

And then the last work on this brilliant opus sees the light. I thought this song would have vocals on it, but an instrumental work is the ultimate way of showing the great musical talent of Valfar to the world.

There's not much left to say about this album, listen to it for yourself and you'll understand ...

Review by: Mørke Morgûl

this is truely a masterpiece!
my favourite tracks and (windir songs) are : soknardalr and i ei krystallnatt....
buy this and enjoy whon of the best bands ever

Review by: sven

What do we say ? I stll cant understand how all the fucking Windir albums can be so fucking great. The voise is wonderful and the guitarplaying is perfect to the music. Listen to "Det som var haukareid" and you understand what I mean. This is for sure Windirs own music. No other groups what I know is doing the same material as Windir. This is unique !
I could do one review for each track on all the windir albums ! There are so much to say. There will grow a thrue feeling inside yourself listening to Windir.
Take one example. On "Sognariket si herskarinne", after 1 minute on the track you hear a thing that makes the whole experience grow. Such details most bands dont really use. EACH detail on the music is important for the experience and you can actually hear that all Windir music is very wellthought.
If you listen to "I ei krystallnatt" you hear the whole windirsound. You hear how PERFECT the drums,keybouard,guitar,voise,bass is combined together.
Its hard to say which genre this. The lyrics are so fucking good. The lyrics reflects on old historical things back in the time in Norway.
With other words: He successed make his own genre that nobody can steal. Because it wouldnt be the same thinG !

10/10 My favourategroup! Rest in peace Valfar!

Review by: gustav_

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