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WINDIR - Valfar, ein Windir

Excellent album that you must own, particularly if you like Windir. On CD1 you can listening to some rare songs of Windir...all of them are amazing!
CD2 contents songs from all Windir albums...from the first demos to the last album Likferd. Amazing collection from one of the best metal bands!
10/10 period!

R.I.P. Valfar

Review by: Dr_J

This album spills perfection from every unholy track within.

R.I.P. Valfar.

Review by: Cursedfuneral

If you're a person who doesn't know Windir then :

1.) you need to buy this album ...
2.) you deserve stickbeatings ...

For Valfar was a truly great mind, a genious, a musician (or magician) full of virtuosity ...

What drove fate to this cruel theft ? Why did Valfar have to go, i ask myself ...

So buy this album and listen to his great work to honor him !

R.I.P. Valfar ...

Review by: Mųrke Morgūl

Windir is one of those bands that u can say its its own genre, its an extremely rare style, conserving the roots and introducing virtuously composed folk melodies, a truly masterful mix of too many elements. It happens very few times, but u can deduce its Windir once it starts playing, its just too unique to pass for anything else. This majestic compilation is a MUST HAVE (with caps yeah). 11/10

Valfar... he was truly a warrior. RIP mighty one

Review by: hellhammerz

I discovered Windir recently on Darksoul7 Internet Radio Hearing the song Heidra from their 2001 1184 and I was hooked ever since. I found the first disc of the two disc set and it contains two songs from disc two making it thirteen instead of eleven but you probably already know. I found it Here at Spin Street Music in Memphis Tennessee. I agree with one of your other members name Gustav from the demo review that the rest of the band decide to end the band to honor the respect of Valfar who started Windir back in 1994 tens years ago and he'll be missed by family,friends,the band and last but not least the fans like myself. This band has been around for 10 years straight and congradulate them for their acheivements as the best black metal bands,This album marks the end of the 10 years running career of one the best black metal bands on the face of the planet and one of the most awesome founders,leaders and frontman Valfar. I have their entire catalogue. Windir wouldn't sound like themselves since the tragic passing death of Valfar and this is the best way to honor him by making this album not only their last and final album of their career but also a tribute album so the band and fans all over the entire planet old and new will always remember the man who loves what he enjoys doing best. May his memory and legacy lives on if the band decides to reunite.

Review by: djblakkdarkkstormmamba666

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