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This album is really good. This band has a feel all their own while touching upon the sounds that make Burzum and early Ulver so good. Mostly BM with a little bit of folk every now and then and some female vox that have a very pagan sound to them. unlike any female vox i have heard on any other BM release. get it.


Review by: GlassMidnight

Although at first I was sceptical that a US Black metal band could do anything new, I have to say the artwork convinced me to listen. I was not dissapointed WITTR are superb, this album is an atmospheric masterpiece of grim, aggresive and reflective black metal. I cannot think of another band to compare them to, maybe In the Woods would be the closest althougth there are no clean vocals apart from some amazingly haunting female vocals. The songs are Epic in scale with the shortest being 13 minutes long. If you have become jaded with the same old Satanic influenced BM then try this album you wont regret it.

Review by: que mosca de mierde

absolutely fantastic! these guys really know how to create atmospheric black metal of the grimmest kind. 9/10

Review by: False Messiah

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