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"Nocturnal Poisoning" is about as dark and depressing as black metal gets. Malefic once said that he hears a melody in his head, learns it on guitar and then plays it wrong deliberately to make it sound even more sick. This about sums it up. The guitar sound is a bit too washed out, as with other Xasthur releases, even by black metal standards, but this is only a minor complaint. What makes Xasthur stand out from other black metal bands of this ilk, is that the music has an almost psychedelic vibe. One definitely feels as though they've been sent to a cold, dark void for the duration of the album. Sort of like Burzum gone horribly wrong. Very unique, I can't think of any other bands that perform this stytle quite the same way...or with the same sense of nihilistic abandon.

Review by: tides of absu

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