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This album is great and killer, another french nice band. songs like Censored Project kick ass

Review by: lobotomy

I'll keep this short and sweet, this is the best thrash / death metal I've heard in years, possibly ever. Search high and low to get this one...

Review by: msatan81

great band with tons of powerful and catchy riffs. the lirycs are in the vein of carcass or cannibal corpse. the sound in this cd is should listen it ...i mean right now!

Review by: gfabila

Simply astounding. When I crank this up, I can think of nothing but how intense it is. Heavy as hell, but still catchy. Hard-hitting thrash/death, these guys really know how to get the intense-riffing factory churning. Stands out amongst otehr albums like this, such as Demigod by Behemoth...much more interesting.

Review by: False Messiah

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