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I recently discovered Zarathustra after reading F.W.Nietzsche's "Thus Spake Zarathustra.That being said , Zarathustra is defiantly one of the best bands Germany ,and Europe has to ofer.

The Contempt EP is a taste of what their full-length "In Hora Mortis" has to ofer.The music is brutal yet melodic at times.At some moments it reminds me of EARLY Dissection.Altough Zarathustra is way better , imo.The highlight of the album is without a doubt "Of Serpents And Swords".The album is limited to 1000copies so get it before it's sold-out and make sure to buy In Hora Mortis to.The full-length continous the same style of the Ep.The EP has some really nice cover-art to , that being a +point. You can listen to some samples at Zarathustra's official website : .The vocals are a bit weak in my personal taste but that's the only dissapointing point of the album.Also a bit to short but it is a EP afterall.


Review by: waskara

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