Amen Ti - Catacomb Chants & Oneiric Visions

1. Voluntas Supra Materiam "Vocatio Prima"

2. Amenti - The Lamp ov the Desert

I am the Dreamer of what you call Life...

For i Feed my Fields with Ki and Breath from the Oceans of Divinity...

Join me or pass in the Dead end of of your Mortal Tribes...






Dwelling in parallel Worlds and speak the words of Harpocrates..

From Malkuth to Yesod from Heavens to The deeps Of Amenti..

I am the reflection of venomous Kiss and these are my words :

... Urvan Ameretat Me Nemah' Ya I ...


I like a fierce storm wind, I unleashed the tempest!"

For i shall spit Venom in the face of the Weak and Joy to My Children...

The Tongues of Fire Speaks the words of the Legacies..



To the call of the night you obey , with the face of Fire you reveal the veil of Death

With the eyes of the raven grant Vision to this lustful flesh ...

?ectar inebriation become the Black Sabbaths

Orgies of the Night you betray..

Oh Mistress of the Night grant wind and breath on this bloody face!



3. The Stele ov the Last Conjuration

The pale moon's beams shine o'er Us. As together we lie in rest eternal.
A grave for two-a matrimony for the dead, two rotting bodies on their last dance macabre.

It is a dance of the dead - it is a tottentanz
for My sadness, your blood, our breath
and our hearts entwined beat the rythim.

It is a sacred Marriage, It is a mystery
of two bodies, one gravestone, and countless offspring living from Us.

Zazas Zazas Nasatanada Zazas
By the Crown of Black Sun I am Reborn through The Fiery eye Of Wedjat
By the Bride Of ????O? bless with Your Serpentine Kiss
For I know Both the Depths and Heights of Metamorphosis,
For I shall Unit the Helios and the sinn.
Salamu Tammabukku
Elu Mush Mush
Elu Nekelmu Ina
(Black Dragon Rise up - Serpent, Serpent Rise Up - Evil Eye Within)

Shadows of Anima Mundi.
And by the Force of Eros in the Fields of Bloodthirst lust
I shall Invoke the Names of the Cult of the Moon
Eros and Thanatos the beauty of Transformation
Salamu Kishpu Ina Mush Elu
(Black Sorcery Within - Serpent Rise Up...)

"The timid Bride removed, the matrimonial veil of her vestality
and between the dog and wolf, the Groom entered the gateless
yet rotten
Hieros Gamos is now sanctified.

4. Nebt-Het - Divulgence of ?er Sacral Temples

Thrice formed, blanketed willflness erupts
Unseen corridors within the viperous wombs
twilight asunder, corode the sublimations
We upon the doorways, behold the Crux Mors

Consummation of your veiled consecrations,
Your shrine bathed in a thousand scepters,
illuminating the searing portals of venomous suppurations

Latent somniscient choirs
breathe the cavernous aeons
devour the chalice and the trees of eternity,
attain oracular fructifications
flood of her beautiful wombs,
possess the malefic wings
her undulations emit,
fornications of the suns of night
and the moons color the day.

5. Set Triumphant - Nubti

As this tremendous twillight of hissing Serpents tears the red Horizon ,
As this sacred Night cometh and shrouds the mundane soul
To unlock , reveal and liberate my glorious typhonic existance ,
As the Third Eye , Inheritor of the wisdom of Ra , is crushing the visio mortalis
As it opens wide , in sacred shapes , to reveal the Divine Vision.

Sutekh the Destroyer riding an army of Chimeras amidst the bloodred nightsky
and the Heavens tremble before the hideous march of Set , the Prince!
I tear my vestments and throw them as reverent offerings to the fire ,
As I carve my skin and scream in divine madness , speaking His sacred Names
As my voice cracks the silence , and the smoke ascends the Invocation.

Come forth , Oh Lord of Storms , Come forth and scourge the oceans with might!
Come forth by Night and breathe life to the serpent below , through fire and ice!
Set , for Your name is Chaos , envoy of Darkness , the skies shake before You ,
Reveal your Fiery Gaze and activate my EYE! Unleash the Serpent's coil!
Let the red stream ascend and break the Seven Seals to the glorified Crown
Let your Voids devour me and shape me to your Triumphant Image!
Grasp my Soul for SHE is sculpted immortal , for I harvested the fruits of Life!
Come forth , Qliphothic Ruler of the Seven Stars! Father of the Infinite Chaos ,
SETH of the Depths!
Ascend from your Celestial Catacombs , the Temple of Storms and enshroud me,
For I am of this Earth , Water , Air and Fire ! Breath through me Thy Black Flame ,
Illuminate the Spirit , encircle me with serpents and speak with my Tongue!
''I am the Faceless One , Protector of Ra , Primal Ruler of Disorder and Noble born of Nut! I am the Restless Adversary , the Black Seed , the Deathless Priest of the Black Flame!''
Venite Set Triumphator , Princeps Tempestatis
Venite Sutekh Perditor , Princeps Tenebris
Venite Seth , Spirare Ignis Niger tuus ad me

6. Dissolution(In the Sands ov Time)

7. Wines of Blood & Pestilence

Sekhmet, great one of Magick
Mother of the NETJERU
One who was before the NETJERU were
Lady of the place of the Beginning of time

She of the SCarlet Garment
Pure One, Destroyer of Rebellions
Eye of Ra, Eye of Horus
Roamer of the Deserts, Wanderer of the Wastes
Awakener, opener of Ways
She of TRansformation, giver of ecstasies
Lady of many faces, satisfier of Desires

Destroyer by Plagues
Lady of the Bloodbath
Great one of HEKA
Mistress of the Waters of Life

Sekhmet, who recuceth to Silence
Great Serpent on the Head of her Father

8. Erset La Tari - The Red Temple

"Marduk personified, standing in the middle of battle, the Warrior-King fought valiantly.
His axe and sword vanquished the opponents.
Body upon body, dead upon dead, walking upon a bloody road of corpses, the Mighty King Eannatum,
bearing the standard of the Illustrius City of Ur, blessed by God Enlil, glorified by Enki, was the Victor of the Day.
But no man, even the God King himself, knows the day of his death. Mighty King Eannatum struck in his prime by a treacherous spear
i now descending the maze of shadowy
Erset La Tari"

Shadows of No Return over a scorched Land.
Blind eyes watch the death of a million men.
Ravens of agony consume divine lives
And my song is lost unheard in
Erset La Tari.

"Oh mighty King, where is your Glory now?
Stripped of clothes, devoid of flesh, with empty sockets
you gaze at the endless darkness.
'Tis the Shadowland, 'tis the land of million cries
where million men with million mouths scream
into a nihilistic void. Oh mighty King, enter
Erset La Tari"

Shadows of No Return over a scorched Land.
Blind eyes watch the death of a million men.
Ravens of agony consume divine lives
And my song is lost unheard in
Erset La Tari.

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