Ma IoN (Formulas of Reptilian Unification)

1. Fires Of Prometheus

Come, Consume, Renew
And Bear Through You
Extinguish, Set ablaze the few
Who chant your names
Whose hearts are true
Bring forth your fires
Transform our view

2. Nereid Tide Of Neptune's Rudra

Nereid tide of Neptune’s Rudra astride of Ursus Minor; a cerebral cord is torn a universe of opposites is born within a serpent Sun thirteen Gods to witness unable to sworn. A line of Stars and a conquest of Eternity to align the Constellations beyond the moons of Mars. O Harlot of Harlots beseech my dream and ignite the fires astride my grave, the fires astride my monuments. O Mother of all Abominations, thou canine spider of Canaan rip my heart and break the ribs, form the Sigil of Neptune. O Reptile mistress, sink thy Cuspids and fill me with your lucid Venom. Lord of Gehennah I ride the chariot of the sun, for I hath become the bringer of the Light, I hath become Neptune’s Son, worshipped and adored, as the ultimate adversary. Breed of Pan and spawn of Sobek the centuries I wield aside my grasp, to invoke Kings, as formless shades to life. The Moon of Nereid is risen before me, to ignite my Eye. O Rudra, Rudra Bhudeva, O Rudra, Rudra Gurudeva, O Neptune, Rudra Sanatana. Form this Gate of before Me Grant me Entrance to the paths beyond the tides of Nereid Mahesha! Rudraksha! The Voice of Chaos, I Hath Become.

3. Convolut-Ion, Manifestat-Ion, Secret-Ion, Karma-Lravatl The Thunders Emerged

The Aeon of Secrets, Manifest Vadula-lions until the 50 spheres of Nereid. Immerse within the gate of the fevers, silver allurement fractures the lascivious egressions, the aberrant intoxications incite the vaporous entities of her crimson perversions. Admit the forlorn mastications, the third sphere ignites torrential retro-versions, the reverse fornications, conceal the house of my secret thunders. Bathyllic lesions of venomous raptures, the double wanded collusions manifest ecstasies upon ecstasies within the labyrinth’s eye. IA ZIA ZIA ZA ZA ZIA ZIA ZA.

Crown of fevers alight ruminations of the black vault of the stars, seething convolutions excite subtle emissions of the 7th and 19th spheres, as the ophidian rapture extends the ekstasis of she who is the priestess of the gateway of naught. The secret eye awakens swarms of the highest virtue. Imbibe the venomous elixir and the apotheosis is attained. I am the door to the key endlessly awaiting eternity, as the fathomless depths are plumbed by mine eye.

The waters of the moon bequeathed the unknown virtues of the serpent and the sword. Fragmentary, luminous bones cast the reflective light upon the numinous. The strands of the shores of our inner seas were illuminated by the depths of stars unbound! All hail the procession of masks, within benighted chambers gleam the eyes of sunless discernment. Ghostly images burn with splendor and debauchery, septenary, quaternary, serpent fingers gesture forth the veils awakening. Vomit forth the flames of swarming vulture to devour the wings of she whom sheds perfumes of excremental ekstasis and the kiss of the dove shall excite descensions perfection upon the tinctures of crimson and mauve and nothingness.

4. Ma-Ion (Formulas Of Reptilian Unification)

RELEASE! All lives and all deaths heed but one single call Ya! Nur-I Siyah – O Black crown jewel of GOD!. Not one soul or spirit in these worlds three can unchain their longing hearts without tasting your MYSTERY. Specters begone! For my eyes pierce the night in search for that one mind-blinding sight that shall return the shadowed throngs into ash and lifeless dust, dreams into Death and the wrong into just. And the just into a blade to flay my withering skin and a torch to light my own funeral pyre that shall lend the Peacock-Phoenix its blazing wings rending the skyline with untamable fire…

GOD! It was for you a man I became and clothed my true nature in a garment of shame to praise you in a billion of shapes and names though they all resounded like one and the same. Like a rod of black lightning striking the tower your eye pierced through the dark night of my soul for there can be no other goal of my inmost desire when my hungering heart belongs to FIRE.

“Prisad vare Lucifer! Ljuset av min mördade värld sjung min blödande lunga emot avgrundahimmel, sanningens fasa där divisionens vita lik drunkar I förenings mitt och ultplåningens stjärnglans svämmar över I midnattsljus!”

He who dares to unlock the night’s leaden gates and spill his own blood upon the pages of date, he who dates to meet that vile monstrous gaze that waits at the end of the infernal maze and dive without fear into the yawning abyss and steal from the wildest of witches a kiss. Yes, but he has the serpent of old come to bless with a light that blinds both life and Death.

5. Permutation In The Aetheric Void (Ma-Ion Sacred Seal)

…Thousand vessels forged through insectile wombs
in total dissolution we stand with pride
through the dance of the Sacred serpent, we march
into the Labyrinth of ancestral chants.
The primeval garden and secret seed of the Void
self-deification of self, animism of soul.
The esternal seed of power, penetrating in totemic lust
below the Black Flames of the mysterious gardens
devoured by the Spectral call of the void…


Atavistic calls and secrets chambers
transfiguration of Divine Blackness
through Sepulchral chants,
self-fertilization of reptilian seeds
a hidden Quintessence of Atavistic power.
Androgynous transformations and Secret lust
evoked in an ocean of Pure Blackness
ecstasy and pleasure made flesh, beyond
the void of infinite power, keys to Infinite Madness
the essence of Blood, the eye of the void
the hidden essence through the Formula of Reptilian Unification…

6. Shaman And The Waning Moon

…The tide is calling the Volcanic vibration to spring
The demon of the Midnight Sun
with a Thousand names to bear I wield the Bronze Symbol of the Ancients
And let his Gaze carve my Flesh.

O Terrible Lord!
Dance thy Dance of Death Entice the Eyes of my Soul
and let me burn to the rays of Nereid Bathe my Scales and rip my Tongue.
The Tribes of Saphia shall ever speak
the Vibrating Sound of Reptilian Transcendence
The Light.

7. Lunar Transcendence & The Secret Kiss Of Nut

Thou shall become living flame before She incarnates, and Glorious we chant the Mantras of the Fiery Path. Let me be one with your Majesty and Drink from your Essence, for I am yours to transcend ad the Pair of Opposites… For you are the Gateway to the Aeonless Dimensions, denying the bounds of the illusions of Time. Behold! Essence of the Black head and Aeons of fire! Ascending…!!

“I rise like the sun above olive trees, like the moon above date palms. Where there is light, I shall be. Where there is darkness, there is none of me. I rise like the moon above dale palms. I am counted as one among stars” (Excerpt from “Egyptian Book of the Dead”)

Lady of the starry heaven release through your core the Dragons of the hither side, the chasm of the possible worlds are manifest” Release your portals at my being and bless me with your silver Light As the misty shadows chants everlasting the deadly horizons! May from your Vulva I shall be unveiled as you Swallow and Rebirth stars. Neith Goddess of Kalas release your Siddhis and Her petals Blossom… You rise with Majesty blessed by the Blood of the Mortals and crowned by the Horns of the Morning Sun! Queen of the Infinite Space enthroned by the spirits of the Undead and praise Mirrors of Destiny… Revelation of Psychoforms! Protector of the Dead! Nuit Lady of the thousand stars, daughter of Shu and Tetnut from you all Manifest, Heaven Itself! Mother of Osiris, Horus, Isis, Set and Nephthys your divinity I invoke under the blessing of Sinn. Vamana grant me the essence of Immortality. Vama Marg! LAMMAShTa!

8. The Awakening Of Astral Orphic Mysteries - Behind The Eyes Of Irida

9. Copper Arcana

Twisting of the currents
The Coiled Unfolds
Tempered by Fire
Relentless and Formed
Veins of Iron
Burn through her Soul
Mother Astarte
My will is your Soul
I’ve burned my ego
Six feet Below
I’ve gathered my Dreams
From Lifetimes ago
The Serpent of Silence
The Noose of the Coil
Speaks of the Occult

10. Therionic Transformation

Therion ne seiptur Lucarem et sucexit sicut stellae millibus, Lucerem sicut Lucifer dum Splendorem superior Sol Nigrum Sol.

The gardens of life are the fields of judgement and quest, the tunnels of initiation and endless thrive. Nations and tribes bow before the utopic strength of matter, I cross them by the fire of the Gods and the courage of the invincible Sun. By the law of Power I judge and define, the fall of the lost virtue, with ultimate transcendence I embrace the vision of the chosen rebirth. ΘΕΟΥΡΓΙΑ invoked the great Opus of the adepts.

Hidden moons have blessed the risen souls to serve the sovereignty of the elders. Beyond the clouds of Andromeda, a star is born bathed in the light of radiating crown of Alpheratz, baptized in sacred waters from the temples of Ur. Oceans of light to cast aside, and form the sacred symbols.

Mirrors to the depths of an ancient scorching abyss I rise from the ashes of the Phoenix.

I radiate as the Morning Star enthroning my children with knowledge, I shall march by Will, I shall prevail with courage, by Will I shall survive and by the Virtues of Silence I will dominate.

This is the law of the King and the Elect.

11. Orgiastic Feast Of Flesh, Beheld Thine Vicissitude

This be the path and this be the Paradox: that the lowest of depths are to lead to the most supreme heights, and the blackest of shadows unto the most radiant light.

To unravel and unveil, to unmask and unchain the Self of all selves that hide in your Heart of all Hearts – you must tread on the road of the other. Be it presented as a sharp Silver Dagger to cut the cord of memory and align it yet again with Golden fingers with the voices of old Gods that speak between the stellar webs.

Recall that which has been forgotten in dim waters of dreams hollow and cold, and reach in the midnight pools of dispersion the great Secret that laugh behind the torn robe of Death. Date you to follow, that call of unseen lightning that swiftly tear open the veil? Dare you to follow, the dreadful alarm of all that man truly fear? Seek always further, stopping but for No-thing, to crush the idol of God with a leaden hammer to swallow his rubine heart! Wash your brow with Blood of cold murder and trample the law of man underfoot, to know that there is but one single light that shines ever and ever in dreary tombs of love and longing and its name is LUCIFER. The Thunder of the Djinn of Smokeless Fire.

Acherontas V.Priest — Vocals, Guitars
Thorns — Drums
Saevus H. — Guitars
Scorpios Androctonus — Keyboards, Vocals (backing)
Hierophant — Bass

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