Malocchio - The Seven Tongues of Daimon

1. Lucifer - Breath of Fire

Growing upwards
A perennial dance of Physis
The garland of accomplishment
Bloodstained satiety of beasts
Repletion in abundance
The seed that flowers from a corpse
Respledent bringer of dawn
Thou art the one edge of the two-fold blade
A burning halo heralds the cosmic paradox
Light of the unlit unlocks the mystery of mysteries
Condensations that travel through diastric tides
The elongations of ebony conceived through aeonic flux
Manifest into my consciousness
From the portals within
Phosphoric epiphany, a tarnishing awakening
The Light that reveals and the Light that kills transforms me!
Shower me with Knowledge, oh Shining One
And bless me with the Light that kills the lie
Grace me with deconstruction
The gift of Wisdom as the illusion fades
I live and breathe by Thy lawless Fire,
Illuminating Son of Light
And the life of my blood burns anew
Animated by the glare of Thy Crown

2. Leviathan - The Fervent Scales in Reverence

Waves set to bounce in the cornerstone of the Aeons
Ahrimanic darts crushing on the edges of a stature fireborn
Leviathan Oh-Rha Leviathan Vha-Ma Leviathan
Symbols carved on a sword forged in Ophidian Sorcery
Chanted and revered by tribes forgotten
Names upon Names of lesser Gods,
Slaughtered and sacrificed in the Name of the Ancients
Rise Above from Beyond, Rise Forth from Below
Abyssborn Nuctemeron, Olham-Ha Leviathan
To the corners of Existence, to the Aeonian Perfection
Waves of negligence against the chains of entropy
Blood Moon shining over Capricorn Ascending
As the Ram transforms the Anahata
To shatter the fragile shards of Mortality
And reveal the Gods within, unbound
Become, Leviathan, as I have Become, Leviathan
Unite the synastries under my reptilian command
Become, Oh-Rha, Become! Become Vha-Ma Become!
A flaming arrow that sets the Aeons aflame
And transform O Lae-Va-Than,
Those Fervent Scales in Draconian Reverence!

3. Belial - The Enn of Beliya’al

Bottomless Pits of bounds distant and unknown
Open wide the Gates of Gomorrah
Itz-Ra-Cha Beliya’al, Itz-Ra-Cha Beh-Lhi-AL,
Ruler of the Netherworlds, Disperser of the foul
Wicked One, devoid of weakness and starvation
Star of the Ancient Hunger, the thirst for Dominance
Lead the flock of the blind with Thy flutes
To the edge of the heart deepening Abyss
Set the infinite course for the Stars
For those who are worthy of Thy excellence
Itz-Ra-Cha Beliya’al, Itz-Ra-Cha Beh-Lhi-AL,
Angel of Enmity and Anarchy, King without Kings
Grant us the Secrets of the Arts Unknown
Raven of Cha-agiel, Vulture of Bacchus
It is Thou, the Keyholder of Eternities Unchained
Come forth, Master of the Earth!
For Thy Glory I shall become the infernal Vessel
Entrance me, O Glorious Ra Beliya-al
With Thy name on my lips I pass the Gates of Sitra Ahra
Engulf my spirit, O Tenebrous Itz-Ra-Cha Beh-Lhi-AL
With Thy Vision in my Heart I transcend the Ages
Hagios, Hagios O Belial, Belhor Belial
As I have spoken, so Let it Be Done

4. Satan - Exaltation of Unbeing

Undo the precipts of order
In the shadow of the great defiler
The black hand that takes
By the three-fold pointed Trident of wrath
Unleash Thy powers, oh nameless One
Who roars in the timeless shade of the living Tree
Behind the mirror of being
Let us exalt unto the planes where all is absent (where all is not)
In that absence where the womb of all potential lies eternally
Dynamic states of unbeing
Beyond the strains of emanations
Release me...
Erase the memories
And lay waste on the footprints of being
Unlock the Saturnian Gates that we may ascend
As I scribe my own name in the black book of Death

5. Choronzon - Webs of Alienation

Hear my call Great Old One!
Feel my Thirst in this Invocation
and the Terror of my Transcendental Act!

Devour this Sacrifice beyond the Mind of Reason
Through the Transcendence of Lawless Manifestations!

Through the Call of Terrifying Names, through webs of the Parallel Universes
I lie and remember the First Birth in the Blood

I crossed Seven Constellations
to Meet Your Flaming Breaths at Twilight and be purified.

I pray to your Abyss.
The key to becoming and the Key to Awareness
in the ocean of the bottomless Abyss
the wandering in the road to ceremony.

Magnificence and contemplation of the Universes
Coronation of the dethroned Sovereignity.
The Alignment of the Houses of causality and the Fallen Kingdoms
The End of the Eternal Emanation
The Eternal Return…

The ideal and the harmonization of Starlit Exaltation
The old and familiar in consciousness, the Work of Scarlet restoration

Psalms of the seven Houses
resound and mumble
The terrible secrets in absurd Languages unknown to me

The wings of Angels
the caress of an Orgiastic purification
Memories of an experience
that I live again and again

Fumes of a new Age
So familiar and pure
through the Pits of Demons
and the Five Towers...

6. Hecate - Queen of the Crossroads

The incense of the intoxicating Priestess summons me to the crossroads
of Her Magic magnificence.

Wandering in her Ethers
The Draconian Mother accompanies me on the journey
Guardian of Sophia
and womb of Gnosis
you reveal the vision of the black night.

The Moon is your House
and you open the gates for the macabre hunt
Your spells are like ambrosia
Euphoria whilst dreaming
weaving the web of twilight

In the glades of your crossroads
Ceremony under your command
Reaping the coming of the New Seals And crushing them with your Horned Crown
reflecting the maps of hidden Teachings

Mother and triune Goddess
Womb and eternal Priestess of the Silver Stars
Immerse my weak flesh
in the nectar of your Majesty
initiate me in the Realms of the Chthonic Mysteries

Your Revelation,
The Harvest of the ignorant Ego
The culmination of the Inner Serpent
in Eternity!

7. Δρακων - Αpotheosis

Aspects of inexplicable Destiny
behind the veils of a fallen Mystery
Emergence of the Great Old One
Terror beyond the Katharsis of fulfillment

Inheritance of an eternal sovereignity
Ancient promises and oaths.
In the Works of Chthonic Restoration
I am sworn.

Deathlike silence
a bloody dance of virgin consciousness invokes the hunt for the Golden Fruit
The souls athirst...
Engaged in a macabre battle
in the world of Nine Gates and Five Seals!

At the Gates of the Trapezoid
a dreamlike wandering
the Tunnels stretch endless
at the descent from above
Behold the ascension of the Great Beast
defining the passage beyond mortality.

In the infinite road of no return
devouring the poison of mortality
as a formidable guardian
Hypnotizing you with awareness
Immersing you in the sweet journey
of Immortal and never-ending intoxication
where the trumpets define eternal Apotheosis!

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