1. bnH cEb kH can A

2. Pestilence Of Mortality

The time (the time is now)
The prophecy is time (the end cannot be stopped):
The humankind, the mortal kind, the corpse kind is rotting.
The Beast shakes his seven heads.
The Great Harlot moans in orgasmic delight!
I am the bagonet - I am the mutated gene
I am the Super Nova of your society.
I will rule the New World Order.
I will rule wearing a crown of skull.
I will rule trampling your meek Jesus.
I will rule sucking Mohamed's life.
I will rule destroying Yehoba's throne.
I am the New Antichrist.
I am the Master Of Horror.
My time has come.

In front of me, rises eternity
Behind me, glory
On my left, rise power
On my right, delight
Above me, Edelyerna
For I am the flaming pentagram
And the Harbringer Of Discord!

3. The Winged Skull Rising

I was born under strange auspices
Sagittarius showed the way - Gemini was my guide.
Twenty years - twenty flags of slavery,
Grave was my destiny,
'til Tiphareth beckoned to me.
Three years of torment - Adeptus Minor was my sign.
In Teutonic Lands I suffered
In Northern regions I froze,
I cried, I fought for an olive wreath.
A dead girl shown the way:
I joined my destiny.
I was prophesied eternal to be.
A vision of cold, a drop of myrrh,
A scent of rare incense.
I rose to fulfill my prophecy.
I am Adam Kadmon.
The infinite and the null
The Alpha and the Omega.
The mutated gene of the coming race.
Snakes entwined in an eternal solstice.
My beauty denies any description:
Mechanical to animical - samanistical to theatrical
Corporeal to astral - erotical to apocryphal:

My tower raping the sky!
My wheels crushing the kingdoms!
Behold! The winged skull rising!

4. Oath Of Fealty

5. Legacy Of Tiamat

Και γνώθι ασφαλώς το Όνομα Μου, τιμώντας Το γαρ εις κάθε σου Πράξη,

Γίγνει και παραμείνεις αγαστός

Της Δρακονικής Μαγείας Μου.


6. Dreams Of Adam Kadmon

7. Theosis

8. Apethantos

9. Finis Coronat

10. Conjuration Of The Five Negatives

Akhkhar ‒ Bass
V. Adept Kadmos ‒ Vocals (additional)
Acherontass ‒ Guitars, Vocals
Kwazar ‒ Drums
Enkwld ‒ Guitars

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