1. Opening The Eye Of The Storm

To the Four winds I summon Those who bring Water and Air,
Life into the Astral, within the physical essence of Earth and Fire
It is within the circle of the Tempest which sorrounds the Spirit
I summon the Presence of the Powers you Bestow

It is within contempt of simple being, the Will is Awakened
It is the Will of the Dream, which the Grand Tetrahedron is ascended
The Eye within the Storm of Chaos is opened.

2. Blood Current Illumination

Hail Thy, light of the crimson Moon
You, Gate of the deepest Dream and shadows
Allow your Infinity as Black Drape pierce me
Let me enter in your Temple of frozen Stars
I speak the words that open the path as written by the Great ΔΡΑΚΩΝ Tiamat
By the Crown of the Black Sun and my Royal blood I open the Omnipotent Eye of Horus
By the calls of the Averse Eye
From the quarters of Heaven
Spirits of Divine and Blood Red Sky
Illuminate Me in this Rite
Of fiery shadows
O' Moonless night of higher and sacred Blood!
I Became and the Becoming Became
I Became by Becoming
The form of Khepra
God of Transformation
Who came into Being
In the first time
Through me all Transformations were Enacted
Ancient Spirits of Life and Death, this Circle of Rebirth
Of burning flames and Holy flesh
I Invoke Thee
Usella Mituti Ikkalu Baltuti

3. Αβραξας

Great Archon ABRAXAS
Great Archon ABRAXAS
Abraq Ad Habra

The Adept dons his mercurial robe
And his mighty Yellow Mask
Embosomed with Basilisk feathers
His Avatar is the embodiment of the new Aeon
In a blunt seraphic night
The wretched soul raises the athame


"Ancient Nag-Hamadi scrolls heralded the New King who shall fulfil
the old prophecies and shall leave behind the disgrace of the Pisces Age"

The Adept confronts deadless Abraxas in the mointains of Lethe
And the great beast strikes down the Illusion of the Rebirth

"ABRAXAS was an illusion. No rebirth. No redemption.
We must live in the Iron Age, in this Age of Decay till the End."

4. Vamachara

Awake me black serpent of chaos
Those has knowledge of the ancient waters of Her
Reveal to me the signs of Gnosis
Amrita-Nectar of the Goddess… VAMA!
Grant me immortality… SHAKTI!
I place the crown of the Serpent of Omniscience
Upon my head and spell in Blood your commands
May I rise from the four corners of purity and ecstasies
And your unmanifest waters of eternity and infinity
My word made flesh… THE DREAM THAT I SPEAK…
Arise O’ dead shades of the Twilight Realms
She who bless with life those who may face her…
The reflection of seven moons
In my void change my blood as elixir and turn it as venom
To bless the wise sons of Sophia!
The abyssic darkness… of Sadhana!
With my body I shall form my desire
And become the source of life!

5. Ohm Krim Kali

We meditate upon the Spiritual Effulgence of THAT Adorable Supreme Divine Reality, the Source of the Physical, the Astral, and the Heavenly Spheres of Existence. May THAT Supreme Divine Being enlighten our Intellect, So that we may realise the Supreme Truth.

6. Beyond The Mazeways To Ophidian Gnosis

It’s blindness what your warrens became
Lest you descend to depths you can’t fathom
Fragments of Yetzirah to feed the circle
If more is less then you’ll become all

Why to embrace a dreamland perishing?
Well, I abandoned my sight so I can See
To shun the false light, Yaldabaoth
Garden of Assiah under his rule tyrannical
Cause-mos wherein the false mirror’s idol
Shall be chocked by the dimness of its own

I self trail to anti-law’s course,
As a stream to its fountain lead
As a seed that matures,
Since its roots from non matter are fed

Body of clay, body fragile,
Such shapes lie beyond your grasp
My spine like a serpent it slithers
Masked under my nature’s husk

Climbing reversed to Antichton and what stands below
Warmth coiling around my beinglessness acausal
It’s not for the blind to see my mercurial body glow!
O what a glow, For I am the Sun and the world is my shroud!

7. Drakonian Womb (Double Mem And Single Aleph)

Stone of Life and Sea of Death
I strip myself from Karmas cursed
A warm embrace of a cold flame
Unified in threefold essence,

ΚΛΕΙΔOΥXOΣ – Dragon girded, ΔAΔOΦOΦOΣ – Serpent-skirted
TΡIMOΡΦOΣ – all begetting, Double Mem and Single Aleph
Lips fair and swollen, with maddening venom filled
Come, inject it now into my being

For with Thine Eyes I see creation’s edge
Yes, I am verily possessed
And pass beyond this mortal flesh
Where Gods of Truth abide and teach
Beyond the veil of Lilith’s Womb I reach…

Chants are heard in astral webs
The threads of which you weave and bless
The Swords of Time shan’t point at me
Drakonian Womb, Holy Hecate

Vinum Sabbati, bearer of the Key
Below the Rays of Death
Behind the Womb of Hek
Commanding void to form
By the blessings of the Norns

A triangle I have become, descending to the Night of Pan
To dream, to rise and feast at Will
Through tetrahedron’s angles passing still
Uniting the Moon with the Sun

Akhkhar ‒ Bass
C. Docre ‒ Drums
Parfaxitas 450 ‒ Guitars
V. Adept Kadmos ‒ Lyrics
Acherontas V.P.9 ‒ Vocals, Guitars

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