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1. Perhaps We Could

And you’re saying „Yes” again
When you want to say „No”
You say it peacefully
But in a while you shout
You have to ask someone else
As you’re afraid of asking me
Whether your question is important or not

I can’t pretend any longer
I want to know everything
That the scenes in my film
Are only days and nights
Nagging me so much
Now I do what I want to

Unwavering and sleepy
Like a shadow to you
And you, seeing me powerless,
Like a diamond thorn
Stick into me everyday
In order to get out again
Do you think you’re a diamond?
Do you think you’re OK?

Perhaps an ultrasonic flight
Will leave the bad thoughts behind
Perhaps we’ll finally get calm
And understand the time
Nagging me so much
Now I do what I want to

Where’s our ANTIDOTE
That will break the hazy dream?

2. I Won't Be Different

What’s the life – you’re asking me today
Just the waiting for another day
What I shall expect from the day to come
Bit of bliss in my mind

What is was you know it was, what it will be
I’m just over here which you all can see
That’s what life’s all about and you can’t
Turn it round
I don’t care they say my place is there

Tell me please what is this?
Another piece of the broken glass
And the question is emerging in my mind
If they will ever make up one some time

I don’t look back, I chase every blaze
Here I am running in spite of my fall
Live is so short but longer can’t be
If you are able - be everywhere

The door is open wide
So what you could walk inside

3. About Survival

Today I guess - I’m fully neutral
Tomorrow you’ll make me realize how far I was mistaken
Your eyes are not as clear as they used to be in old days
I’m reading all from them - didn’t you teach me that?
The corridor of light inflammable souls are rushing

As long as the world exists - let is give ourselves
As long as the sun exist - we have to survive!

You set your indestructible traps among my days
Trying to release myself - I’m getting deeper
While praying, breaking wings, I beg you steadily
Yesterday I thought - I’m free forever

4. But It Won't Be A Dream

Where, they say, time has got its haven
And a brother found his happiness
Where a wind doesn’t throw the dust of evil
And the hour-glass doesn’t meter days

Hearts to hearts, stars to stars
There a soul meets another soul
Day by day, the moonlight charm
The beautiful glow of a million of years
Unreal but amazing us
No-one cheats any longer here
Everything like a dream
But we are gonna believe that!

Let me just for a while
See what your home is like

My hand is touching your temple
But no chance to feel the pulse
The world is running another way
Some say I can meet you there
Unreal but amazing us
No-one cheats any longer here
Everything like a dream
But we are gonna believe that!

5. Peace And Anxiety

There’s freedom, peace and silence
All of my senses I hold in my hands
No-one and nothing makes my run
A million of glances I place in the sky

Above there’s space - a front that’s unknown
There we wake up and fall asleep
Dawn is my Muse, dusk is the travel
My every breath the new pictures uncovers

When the red sky collapses like one of huge rocks
And my breath gets shorter
I don’t want to flee the things already planned

I want freedom but I fear one day only
The day I’m gonna lose you
And will still have to go on

No more love I want to accept in this form
You can’t go away - don’t let me lose you!

6. The Show

Let the thorns of your greed be out of my sight
Don’t get me involved in the trap of your hollow dreams
This is what I am - not a figment of your desires
You’ve been taking care about my imperfections for such a long time

Pain and dreams are only mean if I wanna fight and win
I am fighting with my tears, my weapon are my screams
Thorny paths to hearts as you often think of perfect love
Your cruel game you are playing with me ain’t gonna stop

I have lost my way while walking up and up the steeply hill
Time to think of coming back to get some hope for life on track
You see me running after you, my breath is out the bridge is down

7. Little Jafe

Little Jafe is dancing on the waves of mist
Enchanting each day by herself
The storm which blows on her little wings
Is still with her

Little Jafe with her blood like a flowing lava
Sneering tango under the melting glaciers
The wind that made her spin around
Can also hurt with bits of night

Keep on dancing Little Jafe
Let your dancing little body
Makes us spin up to the sky
Till we reach the stars above us

The crazy flight over the oceans of souls
The crazy flight over the oceans of hearts

8. Res Publica

This is a hopeless, unstable situation
You wanna do everything at once
You try very hard, your name is everywhere
But the authorities don’t seem like you

As long as they know you’re weaker, you are OK
If they can’t see you, they have a brighter day
They don’t care communicating worse than they?

I met you today
And now we both believe it’s gonna happen
I met you today
And now we both believe!

9. The Lies

My time, your face in her eyes
Are scenes I’m familiar with
Long night in thoughts and my heart is yours
But my hands are feeling her

Out time and your luster in my eyes
I’m not gonna blame myself
It’s you tonight but tomorrow’s het I wanna
You’ll never learn what I’ve done

I can simply lie to you and I really do
You can buy all I want as your faith in me is strong

As you sleep I have the time I need
You’re the one I can love
So why it’s hard to stop lying even if you dream
Even if you cannot se me?

Marcin "Pacior" Patyk — Vocals
Artur "Methal" Szymanski — Bass
Żuraw — Drums
Danielz — Guitars (rhythm)
Młody — Guitars (lead)

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