"Lunasphere" [SHOCK Records]

Track List:
1. Soul Return
2. Lunation
3. Unfocused
4. Luminous
5. Clot
6. Yoni Kunda
7. My Animated Truth
8. Garden Of Eroticism
9. Closed Chapter

All songs written by ALCHEMIST.
Produced by ALCHEMIST and John
Engineered by John Hresc.
Recorded at Paradise, Powerhouse and
Sony Studios.

John - Bass
Adam - Guitars, Vox
Roy - Guitars
Rodney - Drums

We do not die - We only change
All must die before their rebirth as
fruit must rot to release its seed
soul transmigration from divinity to
the mutable world of birth and
disease, old age and death the breeze
created by a soul's departure arising
from this dead and lifeless shell we
emanate from the deceased we do
not die only change, only change, you
know we do not die only change - you
know we only change death is the
dying of the light now the
imperishable soul begins its journey to
the divine implicit and vague become
explicit and clear infinitely long
passage from another world to our
own the winds of a departing soul-
the time of now is slipping away we
do not die only change, only change.

The silent image of a poetic light the
crescent moon enhances the
blackened night my eyes are bound to
the beauty that I see the moon's
magnetism - it beckons me pores of
my mind rise and fall in lnation lost in
a spell entranced in lunar fixation
alters the rhythms and the tides of
the oceans eclipsing hemispheres of
my emotions moon enters in its new
phase-governs both the nights and
the days bathe in its heavenly rays -
strange allure the one that I praise

All my thoughts are unfocused.
help me focus the distorted - my
conscious span is spun all my thoughts
unfocused - a collage of thoughts in my
mind help me focus the distorted -
conscious span is spun protruding
exertion of concentration - perception
corruption is my frustration unbearably
undecided - undefined and uttered.


Clot - by my own closed mind poisoned
images self imagination - sense of
reckoning haluts its gestation attitude
and feelings unable to relate the iron
barrier my subconscious creates
- clot, CLOT, CLOT, microelectric
memories solitarily confined preventing
new additions to the archives of my
mind confrontation of my lobes to bridge
the gap where knowledge flows knowing
what I thought is hidden from me -
confrontation of my lobes to bridge the
stream where knowledge flows

Observe sacred form with reverence.
Thoughts enthroned with a deep lust for life
Serve her sacred form with reverence.
Thoughts enthroned with a deep lust for life
The womb that mothers the seed of a
serpent energy life springs from vagina
completely embodied I genuflect before
its totemic power.

I exist yet still exist intoxicated with the
senses of life an awareness, an example
in this world I am god picture mind's eye
to stimualte the nuclei I am the god of
the inner world, all I see and comprehend
is mine visions taken in remain sublime,
overcrowded ethics overwhelm -
Welcome to my animated truth.
Picture of a world of imagination,
physical world is just interpretation.
Reconstruct myself. Dreamscape.
Imagine images of your imagination.

Through the abundant life your ability
release my infidelity swollen ovaries of
shall I dare submerge myself with
obsession ?
trapped by lust, nudity an obscenity
shading its darkness with light fooled,
I am drawn toward the gate of jade
garden gates forever trap me, forever
to tend her fields rewarded with the
fruits of life take another bite, fate
seizes me
I am punished by my loyalty to her
garden of eroticism hemaphrodelia
punished by my loyalty to her
salocrophobia - testostrodelia.

Situated in the present alive in the
moment of now separated from
- gone but not forgotten what is meant
to be inevitably will be, destiny a force
rather than an outcome of events
my point of change is on the horizon,
what brought it together now took it
chapters open, chapters close,
opportunities rise and fall like an
everlasting circle
My memory still plays the events
Affection is a state of mind.
My mind is altered.
Emptiness is eventually filled,
The universe unfolds
- things shall be as they are.
Although I often deviate I always return
to me.
Many paths are marked for us

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