Osiris - Typhoon Unmasked

1. The Circle Of Six
2. Mercurian Soulscapes
3. In Invidiam
4. My Twin Of Disorder
5. Regained Planetary Possession
6. Antithesis
7. The Parody's Zenith
8. Horns And Feathers
9. Iconoblast

1. The Circle Of Six

This is our attempt to raise the tower of Babel!

The sigil of Amon seals this covenant
Six different bodies form the unity of one
Blood is replaced by venom, skin by scales
Morbidity reaches measures unreal... Insane

Antagonists of the surrounding subhumanity
Breaking the dove's neck to manifest our intentions
We desire... to demoralize the sanctity of life
We climb higher... to tresspass against Jahve's light

Open wide are the lunar eyes
Saturn is on the rise
The acausal streams into the causal
At the brink of supremacy we look at thee and laugh
The most sinister energies besiege the kin of man

Tired steps lead to the lunatic's arena
A Circus Maximus of our own
Where the lions shall never starve

We invert the crucifix to skullfuck god with it
Fist of annihilation out of control
Spiritual, nonetheless effective
Re-writing time with pandemonium's quill
At one with Lucifer's pride, we made our kill

The igneous serpents slither
With their pulses synchronized
Death may be gaining on us as well
But we are not the crippled
Tired steps lead to the lunatic's arena
A Circus Maximus of our own
Where the lions shall never starve

2. Mercurian Soulscapes

Demigodly creatures infiltrating the human race
Embodied hellish energy behind a common front
Aware of reality's phantasmagoric nature
We can see right through its manmade exterior

Bearing the spark of purification
Which'll clothe all continents in a fiery veil
Erasing the errors of the past
Thus, making way for the future
And reclaiming the dignity once lost

Those sharing the goblet of deeper insight
Can never be misled by any mortal word
And so we wander in subterranean shadows
Where the beams of biblical light fail to distract

Like a pack of bicephalous wolves
Patiently observing those we desire to hunt
Fully prepared to unleash our innermost demons
To violate, to ravish and to annihilate

By sundown's ghastly eminence we'll assemble
To bayonet each and every clerical heart
And with the lifeblood of the first dead shepherd
Our faces will be painted as an indication of triumph

Enfolded by bleak auras
Glowing with otherworldly splendour
Upon the wings of inborn aspiration
We shall soar high above the carcass fields
Where fellow ravens peck holes in rotten skulls

3. In Invidiam

I am cause and effect, I absorb and reflect
Picture an unbroken circle and you'll comprehend what I am
I have no beginning nor an end
A stream of impure deeds that the holy resent

I improve your fractured reality
But only to deprive you of a crown
I even build you towers
But only to tear them down

By my command
The heaven bleeds a rain of arsenic tears
And petty souls are put asunder
Like two-thousand years old papyrus scrolls

Your deletion lies in this equation
Acknowledge your secret thirst for my existence
For I can turn you into a god

All the names of darkness are carved upon my skin
I am an unsolved riddle, a myth of the gloomiest kind
The fountain of excellence or the venom of mind

Never has true euphoria been rooted in utopia
Dip your face in acid and admire the new you
There is illusion even in illusion
But behold with my eyes to see clarity in confusion

Be my scepter and I shall be your throne
A Union Equilibrium, we'll reign eternities as our own
A thin line seperates madness and magnificience
And together we are bound to balance upon it

4. My Twin Of Disorder

>From the coldness of the mirror
Inhuman eyes stare back at me
The blueprints of decadence are revealed
Subconscious beast revels in aggression
Knowing nothing of boundaries,
My twin of disorder

Killer of souls, a daemon if you will
Inner machine of a destructive design
As real as the air I breathe
As concrete as the ground beneath
He's my reason to practise mayhem
A right to express my hatred

Absurdity! March through me
Turn me into thy fortress
The stronger you grow, the clearer I see
No eyes shall I need in darkness

Drawn into the perpetual greyness of emotions
On the shoulders of a genocide I stand
He carries the invisible jewels of wisdom
He is more me than I am myself,
My twin of disorder

With open arms I shall confront the day
When the dead forsake Gaia's embrace
All of the icons of light rotate half a circle
And escape into nothingness
Then we are no longer two
But one and the same

5. Regained Planetary Possession

The lower the sun sinks,
The larger each shadow grows on celestial soil
Not suddenly but certainly
The holy land is swallowed into new kind of tyranny

The planet, like a thoroughly raped whore,
Bled the demonic ones out from its core
The tempest speaks in ominous tongues
Of a tremendous havoc yet to come

Worlds bend and even time devours itself hollow
Inhale the blasphemous dance of the macrocosm
With throes it gives birth to a strange constellation

Emerging from the sea of distress
Like a 21st century Leviathan

The unseen legionaries, all-worldly possessors
Now enter the skies over god's paradise
They dominate and they destroy
They decide when the curtain shall fall (on our pityful existence)

Mother earth already underwent the metamorphosis
And so shall all her children
Kissed by Thanatos and pulled to the grave

Soldiers of Satan, the very emperors of this world
Animosity embodies, new methods of torture surface
Human despair is their amusement
Nations fell pale before life's nemesis

On the expanded levels of awareness
Compulsive behaviour breeds
Give in to these imperatives
And participate in self-destructive deeds

6. Antithesis

Spokesmen of slavery,
The earth is barren where you stand
Knee-deep in the quicksand of inability
Yet, respect is what you demand

Save your quotes and affected sermons
'coz stupidity has never impressed me
Know that my windows aren't walls like yours are
And no act you engage in can do me harm

Why such reluctance to discard the doctrines
That are like talons tearing apart your within?
Oh, the despair if god ever turned his back on you
This catastrophe scenario of yours is making me amused

You are but fools sacrificed at random
In the twisted game of redemption
It's illogical to choose a path
That will ultimately lead to one's decline
And still wish for a sip of monumentality's wine

In the same labyrinth of dilemmas we dwell
To me it is a challenge, to you it is a hell
Your kind may seek comfort in thraldom
But I stand erect, holding high the banner of wisdom

Rapists of dignity,
Sowing your falsehood into young minds
So arrogantly trusting your sanctity
Though, the stab will come from behind

You are but fools sacrificed at random
In the twisted game of redemption
It's illogical to choose a path
That will ultimately lead to one's decline
And still wish for a sip of monumentality's wine

7. The Parody's Zenith

All the way from Eden to Armageddon
Such long the journey, not a single step taken
Infested the planet like malignant tumors
Still being the lowest of all terrestial lifeforms

Welcome to the grand downward vortex
Drowning in nightmares, fear is what we breathe
A flickering flame of a candle is our existence
Fading out, evermore insignificant

In comparison with the living
The dead seem rather fortunate

We have engraved our own epitaph
The last paragraph in the chronicles of man
A scythe-bearing sun smiles at the tragedy
Sheding a light of irony upon the failures of humanity

Technology marches on
As does the death of intelligence
Towards a brand new Golgatha
Where only one cross awaits us all

Mankind... Cast aside... Deprived of life
Tormented with the nails of extinction
The last swing of the hammer concludes the parody
Of a race poisoned by triviality

And still some dare to ask: Will dawn follow this darkness?

8. Horns And Feathers

In the aftermath of another escape from reality
Exhausted you lay, circled by nothingness
You sank so deep... lacking the strength to surface again

Miracles and revelations, or just hallusinations?
God tends to speak only at the moments of weakness
As ruins are easier to conquer

Guilt batters with a killer's fist
Forcing you to confess your supposed sins
Hoping for heaven, afraid of hell
You sealed your decay with a shallow prayer

How real can this revival be
When it's merely compensating your low self-esteem?
Life-long submission seems to be the price of faith
So, will the bleeding hearts give more than they take?

Drifting with the winds out at the sea of deceit
The fear of god is all you have
No sign of the promised salvation
An addict to punishment and restrain
Paints horns and feathers within the same frames

Helped up from the pit
And thrown down into a deeper one

9. Iconoblast

Profoundly punished am I
Bound to bear witness to this global masquerade
In which kings and fools may be the same
Theatrical innocence and whoredom are abloom
In the rotten hierarchy fundamentally deaf to all truths

Narrow is the path of the compassionate
Vain is the philanthropic approach
Making haste from the womb to the stage
To star an incoherrent martyrplay

I bow to Osiris-Typhon
And to the grandeur of His ascendancy
Within, about and beyond me
I extol the sun-outshining Mercury
That steals the feeble's vision

Consider me as a potential iconoblast
As a gun pointed at your foreheads
Without mercy and remorse
I tread on the debris of benevolence
And assault the most sacrosanct

Corrupted to the core and, yet, so sinless
Terminally short on dignity
Just barely breathing in morality's stranglehold
If self-delusion was a crime,
You'd be taken straight to the gallows

Narrow is the path of the compassionate
Vain is the philanthropic approach
Making haste from the womb to the stage
To star an incoherrent martyrplay

Profoundly rewarded am I
Stripped of all humane amidst this global masquerade

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