The Three-Faced Pilgrim

1. In Your Midnight Orchard

[When we close our eyes and withdraw from the world around us, we awaken to perceive another beyond it. If we explore this limitless realm with willed steps, we are granted the opportunity to come in contact with the denizens of the Otherworld, to experience initiation and to even converse with the Divine.]

Across the arcane bridge of soul-flight
I have arrived in your domain
where the great fair three as one shine
yet the fourth still veiled remains

As through these glades I wander
strangest roses tear my skin
they deepen the spell I'm under
with your venom of hallowed sin

Though I remember not, again I now know
the language of owls that are guiding me back home

Free my starving soul and chain my heart
to this ardent hour of ecstasy
with the sword of your splendor pierce my eyes
make your radiance the last thing I'll see

The Gate of Eden is swung open
I am a witness to your reign
my life I offer you as a token
for one drop from wisdom's vein

To you I pray, make me versed in your ways
pale pilgrim with the bloodied crescent horns
grant me strenght and on my head now place
the wreath of silver thorns

It is not your wrath that may crush me
it is your love that must...

Pain and relief, sorrows and joys
they all shriek at me in your worldless voice

Rend apart my heart and anil my soul
to Night's searing cross of severity
with the speark of your judgement pierce my side
make painful bliss the last thing I'll feel

2. To the Pearl on High

[What else is worship at its coree but love and passionate adoration? What is devotion if not desire and striving for union?]

Nearer and nearer draw the hours
that re-join the Moon and her kin
ignited by this longed shift of power
the conflagration of hearts begins

With the sap from the wound of Night's saint
the back of my head I anoint in your name

Your grace captured in the waters of the soul
the mortal vase stands holy and pure

As naked as are the cloundless skies
again I've entered your age-old shrine

I proclaim
with adamant belief
no thing profane
can dim this love I feel

Serpentine shapes of swirling smoke
move in rhythm with the tide
they slither upwards to the stars' abode
as my gift to the Pearl on high

I proclaim
with adamant belief
no thing profane
can dim this love I feel

In circles we dance like wraiths
shifting between bright and grey masks
until the last gate we penetrate
and deep into your darkness pass

3. Promethean Permutation

[Even though we are born masters, we are raised to be slaves. To break free from this mode is not only an option for us, it is our sole duty as the godly seeds sown by times past.]

From the womb of the suns, come forth
from the blood of the past, now rise
the runes carved in our bones
through you shall come alive

My mouth pours out your word
and your scars mark my flesh
may my hands do your Work
and my feet take your steps

In your grasp you hold the key
to transcend what I currently am
in your image create me anew
blur the line between god and man

When we are born masters
why should we submit like dogs!

take over my heart
inhabit my being
my thoughts are yours to lead
oh, bringers of salvation
eclipse the human in me

May my hands do your Work
and my feet take your steps

Be my aegis without bounds
and the arrow in my bow
an extension of my will
the moonlight on my road

Hear my call
my thoughts are yours to lead
Oh, bringers of salvation
eclipse the human in me

4. AdraMelekTaus

[While incarnate, man is equally an entity of intellect and flesh, and neither aspect should be overlooked in the context of establishing and maintaining a connection to our gods. To worship merely in the temple of the mind is to wield the sword with just one hand.]

A cold presence descends on us
like some mist of blackest water
drenched in this darkness
we are cleansed from all profane

The circle is forming
there's no way nor will to retreat
with faith as our fortress
we've discarded doubt and shame

Be with me now, o' children of Samael
our mouths are one as we drink from the fullmoon's well

No path is stonier than this
No path as tortouous as His

With the ichor of highest magick
the Master moistened our lips
He taught us the craft of Speech
and thus we'll make our voices heard

The Kingdom is ours to rule
and the heavens are in our grasp
let our words of power reach
all the quarters of the earth

Move, dance, give away to this trance
may hand join in hoof and hoof in hand
sing, praise, as lust smears your face
no act is unlawful in His pyre's blaze

Sin, transgress, put each border to a test
grant divine impulse full reign over flesh
boil and seethe from head down to heels
with fervour feed the God that lives in deeds

Stand with me now, o' servants of Samael
our mounts are one as we eat of the sun that fell

No path is deadlier than this
No path as glorious as His

5. As It Is Fated

[To say that fate is what you make of is not entirely true. There are certain paths you are drawn to and bound to tread even if you might fool yourself to think otherwise. We can drink now or be led to the water later on but at some point drink we must.]

Faceless faces behind masks of stone
boneless bones clad in burning robes
by hidden hands the wheels are turned
through words unsaid their purpose learnt

The paradox I live and breathe
I roam its fields in thought and dream

The silence within...
it hums your symphony
in the voice of thunder
your angels sing to me

Providence works in ways unknown
more obscure couldn't be its lantern's glow
yet by diverse means the web is spun
and all the paths I take in the end are one

Whichever is my role on Earth
with your scarlet thread my heart is girt

The silence within...
it hums your symphony
in the voice of thunder
your angels sing to me

And it all echoes throughout eternities

6. With Sickle, with Scythe

[We don't need to experience the reaper's touch first-hand in order to appreaciate its liberating qualities. In time we all must go through the Grand Gate which he reveals to us. It is up to our hearts to decide whether the bone-key to that gate will be turned with a steady hand or that which shakes in fear.]

With fingers of grey-white bone
thrice you knock on my chamber door
once for the mind, once for the soul
once for the flesh twitching on the floor

Cut the cords of time
with sickle and scythe

Under the wings of oblivion lies my haven
in their shadow alone can I find rest
from the book of being I have torn out the pages
spilled I have the ink of eternal existence

Many named you Mystery
daring not to part your veil
but I've stared you straight in the eye
and I've learnt your real names
Liberator, Redeemer, the Mask of Sooth
your call is the knell that frees us
from the Spell Untrue

A universe is crushed... Naught remains
the burden of the aeons past now I relinquish
vanishing human memories, so fast forgotten
like a handful of dirt thrown into the north wind

The white fortress of thoughts
the earth has claimed her own
and the red mansion of life
the abyss swallowed whole
but the ice-cold void of eternity's limitless vault
will treasure the triumphant spark
that furthers their fall

Three thorns as black as coal
you drove through my very core
one for the mind, one for the soul
one for the flesh lying on the floor

Cut the cords of time
with sickle and scythe

On a narrow path my feet have trodden
only the ghosts of frozen trees watching the steps
the high hills of time I have traversed
fighting my way through a world of shells
to lie down with the wolves

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