The Silent Enigma

Vincent Cavanagh : Vocals, guitars
Duncan Patterson : Bass guitar
Daniel Cavanagh : Guitars
John Douglas : Drums, percussion

- Restless oblivion 8:03
- Shroud of frost 7:31
- ...Alone 4:24
- Sunset of the age 6:57
- Nocturnal emission 4:20
- Cerulean twilight 7:05
- The silent enigma 4:25
- A dying wish 8:12
- Black orchid 3:40

Restless Oblivion

My paralysed heart
Is bleeding...
My love's torn apart
Desire to be free

A bleak garden to cry
When my inamorato died

Loveless so real
Lifeline of mortality
Condemned to misery
Restless oblivion forever

A bleak garden to cry
When my inamorato died

My visionary dreams are vanquished
Aspirations fade away
Reverence dies within

A bleak garden to cry
When my inamorato died

Shroud Of Frost

Undying odyssey... a myriad of times

The soul has seen
Through eyes of heaven
The imperium of earth
Nothing left to perceive

Help me to escape from this existence
I yearn for an answer... can you help me?
I'm drowning in a sea of abused visions and shattered dreams
In somnolent illusion... I'm paralysed

Infinity distraction
A pious human disorder
Blind to passage of souls
Conclusion from one remembrance

Help me to escape...

Transfixed... I gaze through my window at a world lying under a shroud of
frost. In a forlorn stupor I feel the burning of staring eyes, yet no one
is here. Detached from reality, in the Knowing of dreams, we know the
entity of ensuing agony waits to clasp us in its cold breast, in an empty
room. We awake and it's true. I dreamt of the sun's demise, awoke to a bleak
morning. In the emptiness I behled fate for the dead light is a foretelling
of what will be... I saw a soul drift from life, through death, and arrive
at Elysian fields in welcoming song. Yet I stand in a dusk-filled room
despondently watching the passing of the kindred spirit... and there
is no song... just a delusion of silence.


I gave you my soul
You left me dying

(Freezing in the cold wind that screams through
the silence, in the barren wastes of my heart)

Within the walls
Of my mind... alone,
The winter serenade
Fell silent to me

Sunset Of The Age

Throne of grief a dying essence
Crying beauty
...the fettered aura

Forgotten oceans of hope
...Betrayed aphony
Sullen laughter in unventured paradise

(as one) forever searching
For landscapes serene
Amidst the sunset of age
With joyous masquerade...
...the summers died

Nocturnal Emission

My passion rise... a twilight ride
Stark light of dark night in my eyes

My forlorn lust...
My soul it burns
My forlorn lust...
My soul is burning

Take you now, in my sleep
I want to touch you, to scratch you deep

To leave you scarred...
To see you burn
To leave you scarred...
To see you burning

Cerulean Twilight

I'm lying here, oh so peaceful...
...In serene harmony
I'm dreaming yet I feel awake
I'm dreaming yet I am awake

Subjected to pain. Dark screams repent

And in a foreboding rage, a soul will die...
...A soul will die

My mind is burning, I'm burning
I can't feel you anymore
Have I reached my point?
Will I drown in delusion?

The winds fell silent
And in my cerulean twilight
I left myself once again's overwhelming
Suffer yourself, and let me die here awhile

The Silent Enigma

In dreamland grandeur
I held mesmerised peace
Innocence breathed again

A mind's escape
Leave walls of tears behind
Ethereal vision haunting still...
The solitude left me blind

Beneath an open sky
Sibilant cries of youth dying
Enslave me with grief

A moonlit era, oblivion's twilight kiss
Wishes in lament
Happiness in a broken vision

Utopia still unborn...

Tormented echoes of a fallen Eden
I longed for her beauty
Yet from dust, she returned
The dream, an enigma... silent

A Dying Wish

I bear the seed of ruin
A golden age turned to stone
Elysium... to dust

For this, a tragic journey
A vision of a dying embrace
Scattered earth

Where Echonia wept
I sank into the silent desert

Fallen am I,
In solitude of a broken promise
...I cried alone
My empyrean is a scar
From the memory of her beautiful life
Forever was her name

Fulfilment lost in a lifetime of regret
Ornate peace would cover me
As I would die now...
For one last wish

Black Orchid


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