Ancient Wisdom
For Snow Covered The Northland

1. A Hymn To The Northern Empire

The Northern Wind
Blows Above The Frozen Ground
And The Sky Is As Black
As The Eyes Of A Raven


The Artic Moon
Reflects In The Crystal Snow
And The Forests Are Dark
In This Cold, Eternal Winter Night
In This, The Darkest Night Of The North

2. In The Land Of The Crimson Moon

These Frostclodded Wastelands
Where The Sun Has Blackened
Rivers Once So Rippeling
Now Frozen To Ice
The Snow Reflects The Light
Of The Immortal Moon
And The Cold Northern Winds
Will Forever Here Exist

In The Land Of The Crimson Moon
For As Long As The Sky Is Black
As Long As Rain Passes To Snow
I Will Prevail This Land
This Land Of The North
For As Long As The Moon Is Full
As Long As The Stars Are Black
I Will Prevail This Land
This Land Of The North

The Land Of The Crimson Moon

The Sun Will Be Dark Forever More
And I Shall Reign Forever More
In The Land Of The Crimson Moon
I Shall Prevail The Land Of The Crimson Moon

3. They Gather Where Snow Falls Forever

A Cold Wind Will Rise
From The Graves Where Darkened Kings
Slept Their Eternal Sleep
And As Snow Covered The Northland
Veins Of Life Becomes Empty
And Sky Turns Black
While Blood Melts The Icealtar

Through Storms Of Ancient Wrath I Sail
Into Lands Of The Blackened Sun
And As I Reach The Shore Of Dwelling Souls
The Black Winds Of Death
Embrace Me

Gazing Into A Lost Millennium
Only Touched By Hands Of Evil
Unknown Powers Forever Resting
* For The Dead Has Been Enthroned
And I Am Forever Here
In The Land Where Snow Falls
Falls Forever *

Through Storms Of Ancient Wrath I've
Through Lands Of The Blackened Sun
And As I Reached The Shore Of Dwelling Souls
The Black Winds Of Death
Embraced Me
I Am Free

[* Vocals By Fredrik Jacobsson]

4. Through Rivers Of The Eternal Blackness

The Cold Breeze Touches Me
And The Dark Clouds Fill The Sky
I Travel Alone
Ravens Land Next To Me
Their Eyes Are Black As The Night
They Guide Me Through

This Can't Be True
I Can Not Be This Near
Now I Will Leave

At This Place I Have Always
Longed To Be
To Enter The Dead
I Have Crossed The Endless Rivers
To Where Death Is Real
My Heart, Eternally Black

This Can't Be True
I Have Arrived
My Kingdom Is Here

5. The Journey Of The Ancients

Funeral Of The Mind
A Journey Called Dreams
To Kneel Before The Black
As The Gate Opens

I Follow The Raven
Through Moonlit Gates
Into Castles, Where Hymns
Are Blasphemous
Where Darkness Is Light
Where Death Is Life
Where Candles Burn Forever

And As Shadows Become Pale
The Throne Belong To Us
Us, Who Forever Lives In Darkness

6. As Snow Covers The Northland

7. No Tears At His Funeral

The WinterMoon Enlights The Funeral Sky
And Lost Souls Are Gather Here Tonight
Eyes Are Filled With Mourning Tears
But In My Mind No Grief Ever Entered
Soon I'll Spread My Darkened Wings
In This Night Of December Grim

Where Witches And Warlocks Gather
I Will Stand Above
And No Grief Will Ever Enter
This Soul Of Mine
Through The Dark Sky
I Will Eternally Ride
As The Winds Guide Me
To The Valley Of Hidden Treasure

No Tears At The Funeral
Of The Forgotten Emperor
No Flowers At The Grave
Of The Forgotten Emperor
The Burial Took Time
For Countless Of Pears
But Still This Land Is Mine
I Am The Guardian Of Time

The Night Gathers My Strength
I Am The Predicted
My Soul Is Immortal
For All Eternity

8. Forest Of Summoned Spirits

As Howlings Sound
And The Moon Is Full
Candles Create The Only Light
While I Raise The Chalice Of Mine

I See Myself Reflected
In The Goats Eye
My Blood Is Released
And I Lick The Wounds

Now I Am The Beast
Together With Other Immortals
Summoning Thy Ancient Ones
Until End Of Time
In The Forest Where Spirits Forever Dwell

9. A Ravens Reflection Of The Ancient Northland

As I Ride The Nocturnal Storm
Through This Eternal Winterland
The SilverMoon Shines Bright
Above The Naked, Cold Trees
And While I Descend Into A Sea
Of The Blackest Fog
Wolves Are Howling In The Dead Of Night

As I Land On The Frozen Ground
My Eyes See Through The Misty Distance
I See Black Shadows Dancing
Dancing With Red Glowing Eyes

The Obscure Ones Embraces Me
My Soul Is Now Among Theirs
I Am One With The Mightiest Creatures
My Wings Carry Me Through
Through The Grim, Chilling Air
To The Palace Of The Nocturnal Warlock
My Name Is Now Forever Among
Other Kings

I Am Enthroned
I Am Supreme
I Am The King Of The Land
Beyond The Horizon
My Soul Is Black
My Land Is Black

Enter Into My Palace Of The Frozen Moon
Where The Snow Falls Eternally
Enter Into My Hall Of The Deepest Sleep
Where Only The Twilight Awakes Me

But As The Dawn Breaks I Return
To My Coffin Of The Blackest Oak
In Which Only The Twilight Awakes Me

10. The Serpents Sleep Is Not Eternal

11. At The Other Side

12. The Sleep Within

The Guardians Of The Northern Empire:
Marcus E. Norman: Classic And Electric Leadguitar, Nocturnal Voice
Fredrik Jacobsson: Electric Bassguitar And Howling
Andreas Nilsson: Rithmguitar
Jens Ryden: Piano And Keyboards
Ulf Andersson: Drums And Percussion

For Snow Covered The Northland
Was Recorded At The Garageland Studio
In December, The Year Of MCMXCIV
Produced by Henrik Kjellberg And Ancient Wisdom
Drums Programmed By Fredric Thordendal
All Music And Poetry By Marcus E. Norman

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