Frostmoon Eclipse
Human Infanticide (ep)

2. Newborn Misery

A world of shadows
Crawling senseless and useless
Don't misunderstand the meaning of life
Believing that your emotions will save you
You will open your door smiling at hungry wolves

They'll keep you chained to destroy you from the core
To burn down the newborn flame
And feel the bitter taste of life

Breathing entropy
To enjoy the real meaning
Of a world without lights nor darkness
The only way to survive is hiding
Where unborn spirits forever dwell

Looking at reality straight through the eyes
Of lives walled up inside nothing
And finally understand what we're crying for

We need to breath entropy
To simply avoid existence


I can't understand
why you decided to stay here
The reason
is still unknown to me
Funny enough
you're now crying and hating yourself

You had the change to bypass pain
and you gave it your back

When you first stepped up into this world
When you decided to face this mortal misery
...and never come back

To face this misery and never come back

Gionata Potenti ‒ Drums, Vocals
Lorenzo Sassi ‒ Vocals
Claudio Alcara ‒ Guitars
Davide Gorrini ‒ Bass

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