Aphonic Threnody
When Death Comes

1. The Ghost's Song

I'm behind you wispering in your hear but you won't turn your face at me.
I became the lord of the silent speeches in the darkness of our room.
I watch you in the sleep and I'm there with you but nothingness is my empire.
I'm a roaming soul, less than a shadow and I cannot rest.

Time is the human way to count the pain separating birth to death.
I'm there while you're growing old and solitude is taking your mind.
My screams are like the voice of a dumb,
they won't break the borders of this prison where I'm chained and dusted.

.. And when you've lost me, I've lost you and all the joy of this world.
I feel I'll be condamned to hunt your tomb and look at you in point of death.
... and all my tears, will vanish in haze, while I'll be watching your grave at night,
cursing the Lord and the world around me I'll dream we didn't die.

2. Death Obsession

All I see out there are dead trees and endless snow.
Springtime won't come for me.
My body's twisted and corrupted.

My brain still can think, but my head is like a broken shell.
Lips can't say a word, my tongue's like a sleeping worm.

Eyes yet can see from this revolted bed of mine,
and my mind try to escape this tomb.
Please death take me away tonight.

Snow in the wind like thousands of white flies.
My back is bleeding and i cannot feel the pain.
Gangrene is devouring my shell.
Like a lost soul I wanna burn in hell.

I'm not a man anymore.
I'm like the roots of those trees out there.
Growing old i'm digging my way
to the coffin i'll be in tomorrow.

I feel the wind out there,
blowing and giving me peace.
"Listen to the sound of silence" it says.
I'm getting used to it yet I'm still here

I just wanna feel alive once more, not being just a corpse.
I wanna love once more, and cry once more,
before the next stage of decomposition.

All that's left is my obsession, obsession for death.
To the snow and the trees I introduce myself:
"I am the living dead.
.. I am the living dead!!!"

All that's left is my obsession, obsession for death.
to the snow and the trees I introduce myself:
"I am, the living, dead!!!"

3. Dementia

Seasons left us behind,
Time has come and forever gone.
Of young hands and child' eyes
there are only pale fading memories and an endless cry.

Slowly the time devoured whom you loved,
forever they're lost, they left this world.
Strangers look at me from their frames by an empty wall.
Who are they? Am i the stranger in the room?

.. of a son, brother and father,
just dejavues are left for a dying mind.
Faces just look all the same, they are all people
i won't see ever again.

Yesterday has gone, now is just eternal nights.
Loneliness take me, hide me in your womb.
Dementia is eating my world, my memory is a purulent scar.
Of all i was everything is lost, i am nomore.

4. The Children's Sleep

living nightmares are crawling on me - day after day
trying to find shelter a run away but still - i feel them on my skin
they rack me with pain, my mind they strain - and I can't hide
.. If now you can hear me, please show me some bliss - as with children when they go to sleep

anguish is a sharpened blade cutting a way thru the flesh - straight to the heart
love and tears, joy and fears, like hammers hitting a wall - makin' it crumble in dust
like old men forced to death under the weight of their age - a voice comes in my dreams
".. the world out there is a savage beast that merciless tears apart the weaks in its hate feast.. "

- chorus -
can you hear me crying at night, where my voice can't scream and tears can't fall out of my eyes?
where's your hand Father? it never touches our backs relieving the sorrow and the pain
of being vulnerable children in the jaws of this world where you've forgotten about us
where what we call love is just another way leading to a place where hope is vain

looking outside from the window you see time silent passing - decomposing all around
men walking the earth as eachothers' slaves - careless of what generates hate
living in rotten dreams and illusions of power - they forgot their own brothers' names
they won't cry, they won't think, they are killing their children in the sleep

... and love in all this is just a cruel myth - where they hide in despair
believing our world is safe 'couse love is the way - that leads to some ecstasy
and while they cry they will mask with fake smiles the fear for those crawling nightmares - at night
they'll remember them, their children in bed, and the lies relieving their sleep.

5. Our Way to the Ground

skin becomes pale, rigor mortis is on its way.
flesh is no more the same, frozen cold it turns blue.
winds of putrefaction coming from the depths,
soon larvaes starting their feast.

they devour day after day.
their hunger moves them blind in the gloom.
a silent march from the realms of death,
release the decadence and its reek.

immortal is their inhuman greed.
devils evoked from the world beyond.
the ground calls them to life
in the black oath of human doom.

under those tombs, leaving just bones,
in death, to the ground, they slowly return.
just white skulls and lifeless skeletons
know now the highest secret of the tomb.

wooden domes confine the stench
of human nature after the end.
to the time to devour the mortal bones away.
when we're no more just dust remains.

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