Arcana Coelestia
Le Mirage de L'Idéal

1. Duskfall

Lights gone, sun bleeds the night where quiet shores soothe the raging tide
Ethereal awaits the everlasting dome where darkened skies once slept forlorn
Sunset, autumn wilted scent thy nectar’s hidden, a venomous spell of dead rhymes…
Neglected scripture sense concealed beneath the lightless side of Dryad’s eyes…
From silvery falls to gilded soil every pathways ends, every whispers ignite desires lost
As a wind never blown… Mormouring hills at moonrise spread fields of white shadows
Carved in black stones…

“Starless landscapes in fugue toward old seas of inner cosmos unnamed
Behind the curtains of morning fog lies the sun, painter of blindness
An exiled soul in perpetual wandering…”

Horizon silken veil starving perceptions (it) enshrouds
As I lay down defenses. Dominion of tainted hopes
An elusive mourn arose from the depths of seclusion…

So I run away from a Reason of mystified appearances
Of glorified thrones, in misguided dreams adorned

How long silence will lead us to the red blood dawning?
How many seasons yet to breathe
Before I may leave this burden of mine?

… I will follow tears to riverside…

Ego’s eruption streams forth as wept in pain
Through daylight my hands finally reach the fire
That burns with strength in eclipse…
Oblivion of emotions reborn at least in death…

2. Requiem (For The Fathomless Void Of Redemption)

A trace of human’s life
Embraced by nature’s lust
Redeems its failure

As a picture of mankind hiding shades from the past
Reveals its splendor

When the blind leads the blinds every word is a fence
Like serpent tongue’s forgotten eloquence

Step after step it grows the fever
Alongside the path paved with gold
Where once our wandering was led by blood

Unconsciousness, be my witness a treason, our guilty perseverance
A sinful moan, our inheritance an elegy for us to rest
On fragile wings now torn asunder
Torment, renew my illness a dagger, our forthcoming penitence
A vivid scar, our last dance a remedy for us to mend
These wings we’ve betrayed

“On shadowed side of existence we crawl sculpting our shame as an image of god,
But in faith lurks the ageless sin
C’est l’Ennui!
Mother of all illusions, mother of our grief
C’est l’Ennui!
Unending fall…”

On bended knees and harmless the struggle ends
The fathomless void of redemption disappears
Withered on the slopes of indifference…

An unclouded scenario of lies – like the most precious jewel it shines
As far as I can see only painted smiles – like comedians under the spotlight
How come closer, oh brothers of mine – join the theater of fools, our own kind…

3. Le Mirage De L'idéal

4. Tragedy & Delirium I - The Tragedy

[Le Poete Voyageur:]
Fear overwhelms my dreams
As the flood rises its fury
Now the tide is turning over me…

[[La Fee Vert:]]
Your eyes will see the higher miracle
Throughout me
A place that no mortals nor gods
Could ever reach

[Le Poete Voyageur:] Is it real or just an echoing presence?
[La Fee Vert:] I will guide you through this haze
[Le Poete Voyageur:] Bedazzling me from nowhere
[La Fee Vert:] I'll be one with the light
[Le Poete Voyageur:] Staring at this empty glass
[La Fee Vert:] My dear…
[Le Poete Voyageur:] I'll be one with the dawn…

[Le Poete Voyageur:]
Oh Queen of the damned
Stand by my side, enlight the dying candle
With your peaceful glance so bright
Take my hand
And in the warmth of your embrace
I'll be no longer tragedy's slave

Oh Queen of the blessed
Be forever mine, enshrine your smiling malice
As a jewel lost in time
Take my life again and again
Mould me from your pale skin
Mould me from ruins

Abandoned, a silent decay
Triumph of delirium just an instant, so sublime…

5. Tragedy & Delirium II - The Delirium

… And the dream ends in a glimpse of an eye
Cold is the tear that leads to the awakening
Fragments of vanishing realities keep me alive
Like long-lost memories, the past they’ll revive…

6. ...thus Fade In Nocturnal Deluge

Am I here to learn about the suffering
Or I suffer to keep on breathing?
Should I really have to put my trust in fate
In order to see my freedom caged?
Are you here to see this poor child growing
Or you’ll be the flower on his grave?
Should I really have to let your hands free to heal me
The same hands that made me bleed?
Maybe you’ll never know or maybe I’ll never hear you say:
“I forgive you my son”

As a tear for my last words
Soon I’ll be memory for you to shed
My deliverance leaves no shadows
Behind, only dirty sand…
While this needle pierces me gently
Soon I’ll betray you escaping from the flesh
My salvation floats within your eyes…

“So I leave this earth, mother, no regrets will torment my journey
Just a pale light at my feet…
So I leave this earth another time, a travelling show for all to see
Just a trace of me in your cries…
And the last breath, silently it comes
Just to take away this pain of mine…”

LS – Vocals, Piano
MZ – Guitars, FX

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