1. The Arcturian Sign

I want out of this plane
Riding hard
For one too many a day
Elude at all cost
All meaning is lost

Hope dies last
My escape I forecast
Over the rainbow
And into the vast
Deep unknown
Alienated so alien I go

The plans came to me in a vision
Behold my hands
Guided by the supernatural
And the spiral it spirals
Plot the way trip away tip the scale
The stars align the fuel is fine
And we explode into oblivion
The Arcturian sign

2. Crashland

A flooding slowly calms the restlessness
That's what it's like when I'm with you

Candle burning dual flames
The void ignites again
Shapeshifter take us all the way
The devil is in the details baby
No one remains the same

With the mysteries in front of me
I drop my guard and you set me free
I plunge into the great unknown
Wired wrong
Come on!

They say this race spawn
Only losers in the long run
I know my heart can't take the strain
Right now it's pointless
To remind me of the preachers
I paint with different shades of gray

Fire away!
Dual flames meet clashing shadows
Master any space
Easy on the crush
Changer of wars

With the mysteries in front of me
I drop my guard and you set me free
I plunge into the great unknown
Wired! Wired! Wired! Strong!

Crash-land kings and queens
Take care by all means

3. Angst

Ut av nok en sving
Mitt system er av
Jek skjønner ingen verdens ting
Hva gjorde jeg i går
Jeg vet godt at noe er galt
Min verdighet forgår
Som snørr av størknet blod
Stivner kropp og sjel i angst nå som jeg vil ha ro
Svetten starter kaldt og klamt
Slik rusens uttogsmarsj alltid byr meg opp til dans

Her kommer nervene stygge bedervede
De skyller over meg de skyter igjennom meg
De herjer i min kropp uten stopp

Hjertet hamrer kroppen skjelver katta ser på meg
Grå tømmermenn er her igjen de vil ha hevn
Tann for tann ute av stand jeg lar meg skjende nå
Så (muligens:) neste gang jeg føler trang vil herdet sinn snu tap til vinn

Skinnhellig tyn kom tunnelsyn gjør meg hard og seig
Bygg karakter jeg vill ha mer det skal gå opp og ned
En elegant nonchalant trinnløs ladd kanon
Feil er rett fett er fett jeg blir aldri mett

4. Warp

In search of marbles long since misplaced
I give in... to yet another day...

Sheltered from revealing light
Kept out of sight
Where sick minds bite
I sleepwalk through my life
The years pass by like fimbulwinter seasons

Inside a darkness I do not own
A bright portal void shows me where I long
It's out of reach you see
The piping pills set no one free
Here I stand glued in blood
I just want to belong

Nailed by some cruel device
Leave me be
The void is me yeah I know you see:
"Ambition is the last refuge of failure"

Every step a dead end street
Must power up get me on my feet
I've frozen space and time
To warp alive inside my mind
There is no place like home
I just want to belong

5. Game Over

You know the doors that spell disaster I unlock
You feel my presence now your stomach is a knot
Open minds can be leveled up by me
The devil's blood holds one eight of an ounce
And the saying goes for each seal you close
Another path is lit
Relax it's just a hit

Into your trance I float to sleep
This well may drown but I go deep
End game set me free
One up you calm my sea
Enter 123
Easy now so easily
Burn the bridge and be
All that is real to me
Into the flaming void I flee

All legends wither
You know forever is a lie
The game is over
In the blink of an eye

Not tonight

You turn me round oh yes
I am easy to judge
You win it is over
Game over

Addiction traps
All collapse
I don't care
When it's over
It's over

Game over

6. Demon

Far gone

A groke obscure
A vortex
Black hole

A ghost ship glide with the city tide
Twisted drifting shell
With strung out sail I leave no trail
Live to fail

Out of luck
I don't give a fuck
Beam me up or suck my cock

I can't remember the downfall
King turning slave first foot in the grave
White faces round me whisper again
This is permanent

I fed desire a mind burning fire
Now nothing can put it to rest
Storm seeking on the dead die alone
All my connections

7. Pale

Out of the vacuum it came
Northern aggression grew into a life form
Obsessing its code into man

The lords of words unspoken
Dormant hate obscure awoken
Visions grew stale black turned pale

"Time you slayer of kings
Gnaws iron bites steel
Grinds hard stone to meal"

War zone of the gods
Ablaze was the sky
Where the ash fell the echo still dwell

Of times when words unspoken
Where strong as iron steel and mountain
Visions grew stale black turned pale

Young men of hate and fire
Burn your gods on the funeral pyre
Before visions turn pale

Misanthropic devils mocking mind controlling priests
Fundamental freedom count the number of the beast
Religion VS will of man fresh blood spite and balls
True rebellion rock and roll / fear of the unknown

Sacrilegious blasphemy
A game changer of notes
Pioneers of a different kind wolfs among goats
Deep water stale and black it may pale but the legacy prevail
Space-time slice in stranger ways
Whatever it unveils

8. The Journey

Through us

9. Archer

Last transmission from a dying bloated fallen star
Time is ripe for me to leave this station
A carrier of doorways at the gates of no return
Poetic justice burn

Never mind true north at the heart
This beat up lonely vessel falls apart
Departure for a flying start
I circle in the center like an archer
Marksmen of a certain kind already know the answer

Readjusting the course
No remorse
Ride the Arcturian horse
Coma rider flown
Into the vast unknown

10. Bane

Rødt sløret svart
Vær på vakt
Dypet skjuler
Tåket ukjent aldri glemt

Håpet som bandt forsvant
Naken svøp meg inn
Gamle venn natt tid er knapp

De dødes rop
Ingensteder ikke-noe uten ro
Jeg stirrer inn i veggen som beveger seg

Jeg er ikke lenger med
Drømmen den tok over
Lei sirkel ble bane
Min bane min bane

Hellhammer — Drums, Vocals (backing) (track 8)
ICS Vortex — Vocals, Keyboards (track 4), Vocals (backing) (track 8)
Møllarn — Guitars, Tubahorn (track 1), Keyboards (tracks 1, 2, 8, 10), Vocals (backing) (track 1), Vocals (track 10)
Skoll — Bass, Vocals (backing) (track 8)
Sverd — Guitars, Keyboards

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