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1. Blade Circle

Portal of the Holder,
Keeper of the Seven Blades!
Portrait of the Order,
Silver on the 5th. Horn!
Six Dying Stars,
Opens the Secrets to Thine Legacy!
Nine Towers Climbing High,
28 Shady Steps to Power!
Under the Sullen Ancient Sky,
69 Disciples are Chanting Nocturnal Verses,
The Prophet of the Luciferian Eye
Raises His Arms and Bows then:
"Deliver Us, O`Mighty SATAN,
from all Past Error and Delusion,"
Blade Circle!
"That, having Set Our Foot
upon the Path of Darkness
and Vowed Ourselves
to Thy Service,"
"We may not Weaken in Our Resolve,
but with Thy Assistance,
Grow in Wisdom
and Strenght"
Blade Circle!

2. Universal Black

"Spectres of Our Souls,
are Exiled in the Cosmic Sea,
Only the Serpents crawl now
in the Face of Gaia."
Did you Hear the Unblessed Choirs,
Which were Sung in a Monotonous Way?
Did you See when the Daemons Rode
to the Shores of paradise?
Did you Feel the Breath of Eternal Winter,
that Chilled Your Warm Body
and Darkified Your Dismembered Souls?
Where were You at the Eve of that Night?
Did You Shiver when You Heard their Names
being Chanted Towards the Skies?
Those Names That No One can Speak out Loud.
Did You Saw Them Coming?
Were You able to Stand Before,
that Pure Coldness,
of that Vengeance
or did You Fall down?
When did You Understand,
that You are going to Die?
"Once again the Universal Black - this Language Aeons Old,
has Mesmerized Us - in the State of Nothingness.
Only Our Souls - the Remains of Humanity,
are Immortalized - in the Great Vastness."

3. The Breeze Of Grief

As You See the Light Fade away,
from My Eyes and from My Soul.
Something Beautiful is Cast Upon Me,
Cape of Darkness Slowly Falling.
The Oldest Memories, are Thrown Away.
from My Dreams and from My Phantasies,
I am Shattered onto these Unknown Planes,
Pieces of Me are Floating in the Aether..
My Blood is Freezing into the Ground,
as I Lay Before You,
Your Tears are Moistening My Lips,
as I am Flowing Away.
With that Knife and with that Laughter
You Gently Cut Your Veins.
as the Breeze of Grief Binds Us
In the Pool of Blood We now Lay,
Together We are Withering Away,
Hand to Hand, Everything can Wait!
Eternity is now, just Forget all the Faith!

4. Draconis Infernvs

Harvest the Crop of Darkness, that Were Once Seed.
Seed Indeed, by Force, by the 13. Warlocks in Disguise.
Loyal for the Ring Destroyer, they Hailed the New Age.
Flaming Sparkles and Moonmist for the Son of a Predator.
Blood-drinkers and Mencutters are Once Again Gathered
by the Minions of the Prince of Shadows now Reborn,
When the Balefires Catches the Sky and the Bells Toll,
Behold, Behold the Rising Evil of Draconis Infernvs.
It is the Morning of New Malevolent time,
Inverted Season of Hell.
No Borders Left, Slavery and Death
for the Lambs of christ,
christ Denied!!!
Under the Iron Fist of Antichrist,
(There's) No Mercy for the Weak, no Light is Left.
Consume the Dark Spirit of Wrath,
Bleed Now for the Reborn Child of Satan.

5. Ancestor Of Magick

"Summoned by the Ancestor of Magick
in the Atmosphere of Misanthropy.
The Cult of the Flaming Wind,
the Myth of the Mystic Mind."
When the Wind Blows in the Dark,
Listen to it's Feast on the Crying Land.
When the Wind is Cold and Freezes from the North,
Behold It's Call to come Forth.
Behold It's Call to come Forth!!!
Eternal Shape of Khaos,
It`s Element in Caressing Universe.
Thousand Coloured "Wings",
the Shadows on the Roof of an (En)Trance.
Hidden in Obscurity and Past
are the Hands of the Creator Lost,
but in the Darkness, there is
the Knowledge of that Origin.
Never see the Rising Sun,
`cause it Reveals the Truth.
The Evil Whip in It`s Tongue
and the Smiling Red Eyes of HORROR.
Dying, all Them and Others too, then DEAD,
Summoned by the Ancestor of Magick!

6. Lifemocker

Observing the Starless Sky,
I Remain Silent.
Gazing Through the Universe,
I Start to Laugh.
Aeons Ago I was Born,
from the Ash of the Stellar Mist.
And with a Touch of Immortality,
I Became the Mocker of life.
"Ride, My Steed of Silver,
Ride Through the Flaming Clouds."
"Witness My Triumphant Coming,
Witness My Hate."
"Hear My Grim Battlecry,
Low Your Heads
and Prepare to Die!
(For) I am the Personification of Death,
I am the Mocker of life!"
Blazing Cloak Upon Me,
I Memorize My Fallen Prey.
Time is Again on My Side,
as the Worlds, They do Collapse.
Curse the day When I Shall Fall,
When My Might is Gone.
Never Shall Thine Blades Wound Me,
Never Shall Thine Storms Catch Me.
As I Glare - Upon My Scythe
To See - My Next Realm What to Crush .
Once Again - I Clench That Helve Tight
and Prepare - for My Feast.

7. Heaven Ablaze

See the Smoke from the Burnin' Halls of god,
Feel the Sulphurous Heat Upon the Ground.
Fulfill the Autumn Night with Laughter and Joy,
Mask Thineselves with the Ash of the Sky, heaven Ablaze!!!
Gather the Pack of the Wolves - The Dark Unity.
Raise Thine Swords and Axes - The Dark Force.
Fulfill the Autumn Night with Laughter and Joy,
Mark Thineselves with the Signs of Hell, heaven Ablaze!!!
Track Down the Creatures of light,
Slay Them Into the Ground.
Crush Them, Kill the Weak,
Mount the Steeds, Join the Battle - The Dark Force.
Attack the holy Ground - Blaspheme.
See the Smoke from the Burnin' Halls of god,
Feel the Sulphurous Heat Upon the Ground.
Fulfill the Autumn Night with Laughter and Joy,
Mark Thineselves with the Signs of Hell, heaven Ablaze!!!

8. Celebration Of The Heaven Lost

By the Moon, by the Blood, by the (7th.) Star,
By the Powers of the sacred Hall!
The Chants and the Spells of the Nightly Wind,
Nocturnal Wind shall Born and Arise!
Rise Up High, so High!
He Tears the Gardens of heaven Apart,
He Crushes the Fruits of paradise.
Frightened are the Misfortuned gods,
as the Flames of Pain Blackens their Hearts.
The celestial Shields can`t Hold His Might,
as the Venomous Winds Blows them Down.
Echoing Screams of the Pale White angels
as they`re Raped by the Shadows.
Feathers, like Swans Feathers,
Streams Down from the Sky.
And the Red Rain, that Floods the Lands Below,
Drowning the Altars of Holiness, Away.
Celebration of the gods Loss.
Celebration of the heaven Lost.
And the Black Tears, what the Gods Weap,
Darkening the Shores of life to Infinity.
Eternal Winds of Night,
Winds of Eternal Night.
Dust of heaven Lost,
the Feast on heaven`s Corpse.

9. Whore Of The Satan's Night

O, that sweet Scent of the Midnight Rain,
that Pure Odour of the Witching Hour.
Who is that One, Who has Bewitched Me,
and Made Me Look like a Fool?
Who is that One, Who has Bewitched Me?

Art Thou Hiding Behind Those Spiritual Trees,
Those, Whom art Dancing Their Unknown Dances?
Or art Thou Chained Between Those Colours,
those Strange Colours from the Aeons Past?
Or art Thou Just Playing with Me?
Playing these Games of Darkness and Death.
Whore of the Satan's Night!!!
Why was That Kiss of Thine,
that Stone Cold Mark into the Soul of Mine?
Phantasms are Carved into my Heart now,
these Images of Serpents, Crawling
Crawling Deep.
O, Angel Of Death, Bare Thineself to Me!
O, Whore of Satan's Night, so Pale is Thine Lust!
O, Beast of the Masquerader of Hell,
Black is Thine love for Me!

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