Hellish Spells

"The Howl Of Pestilential Desert Wind"

Pazuzu, Lord of Fevers and Plagues
the child of the chief wind-demon, Hanpa.

Shugal, male half of the beast
Set,the destroyer,the jackal
Chorozan,Chaos,female half

Pazuzu, with the feet and wings of an eagle
and the forepaws and head of a lion

107,same of OVAL,
The angel of Leo
Messanger of the beast
The final aeon, era of destruction

Atem,Great Dragon, the ending of the cycle
the howl of pestilential desert wind
Atem, the Beast of the Apocalypse
ultimate blast of devastating wind

Pazuzu, ruthlessly destructive demon
From the pantheon of nefarious beings
Pazuzu, power to spread loathsome diseases
with the right paw raised and the left held at his side

Obscure Sumerian Demon Flies the Wind
Howls Through sharpened teeth
A silent of pestilence
And all was silente

“The Oath of Faithfulness”

Pride comes before the fall
Wisdow , Perfection, Beauty
A king of fierce countenance
Shall destroy Wonderfully

Hic est calix voluptatis carnis

Cowards tremble behind the Weak
I drink your blood and I eat your meat
The fools believe and I deceive
I poison your wound with my spit

Belial, Ruler of the Earth
Lucifer, Ruler of the Air

Dominus Inferus Vobiscum

Satan, Ruler of the Fire
Leviathan, Ruler of Water

Habemus ad Dominum Inferum

The Oath of Faithfulness
I bind my blood in Satan’s Hand
Strength rumbling through my veins
Darkness fulfill my black heart

In nomine Dei nostri Satanas
Et nomen Domini Inferi
Dominus Humilim et Rex Servorum
Ave, Satanas!

Infernal Majesty / condemn him to the Pit,
evermore to suffer / in perpetual anguish.
Bring Thy wrath upon him,/ O Prince of Darkness, King of my Realm
Rend him that may know / the extent of Thy anger.

Vanish into nothingness, thou fool of fools,
thou vile and abhorred pretender to the majesty of Satan!

Vanish into the void of thy empty Heaven,
for thou wert never, nor shalt thou ever be

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