Incoming Death

1. Candiru

Deep in the basin of the Amazon
Fluorishing in turbid waters alone
Habitat of the Canero
Vampire parasite
Atrocious, evil, little carnivore
Vicious attacks, pure horror
Lurking in the dark river resort
Disgusting appetite

The flow provides translucence
Preying on fertile hosts
Bloodsucking fish

Infesting animals and anthropoids too
Thriving on nourishing liquid food
Malevolent, revolting brood
Organism obscene
Visual tracking or hunting with scent
Sinking its barbs into the glands
The pain sets in as its body expands
Absorbing protein

Only seconds of nesting
In tubular space
Leaving "once saturated"
This temporary haze

Don't use the banks as a jungle latrine
The Candiru emerges unforeseen
Swiftly darting up your urine stream
From where it was concealed
Gnawing tissue of the ventral wall
A cozy seat in your genitals
Agonizing excretory canals
Repulsion unreal

Fecal organs ravaged
Surgery required

2. Division Brandenburg

Phantoms in no man's land at twilight
Secretly behind enemy lines
Small units of Abwehr commandos
Assignment ultra-classified

Specialized in foreign language
For infiltration and espionage
Outstanding in hand-to-hand combat
Experts in sabotage

Capturing bridges
Securing docks
Seizing detonators
Wreaking havoc
In mountains and deserts
Arctic ice plains
Bleeding to death
And bled dry again

Receiving the highest decoration
Rarely mentioned in any report
Canaris' Brandenburg Divison
Simply disappeared after the war

3. Wardroid

Cross distant frontiers of the multiverse
On a perpetual campaign
Colossal judicator to wreck and cultivate

Dispute detector
Server, protector
Conflict collector
Wardroid, corrector

Constructed millennia agone
Designed by a since long extincted race
Functioning on infinite programs
Created to judge and erase

Sensors estimating
Systems navigating
Blades rotating
Wardroid gravitating

Monolith of lonsdaleite
Situation analyzed
Belligerence categorized
Mind scanners utilized

Artificial conqueror
Recharging reactor
Blasters standby, thrusters roar
Modus set: War!

Self-producing arsenal, never to reload
The wardroid fulfills another task as the planet implodes

Wardroid, eradicator
Wardroid, annihilator
Wardroid, exterminator
Wardroid, obliterator


4. The Feeder

Spending his days and nights, searching online
Visiting dating sites for a concubine
Abnormal fetishist, extraordinary sin
At last the perfect victim, a "romance" begins

Candlelight and flowers, fancy restaurants
She's devouring every course and he's got what he wants
Exciting voluptuosity, the feeder gets aroused
Irresistible persuasion to move into his house

Stimulate her craving, increasing calories
Double up the portions 'til she grows obese

Mass produced nutrition
Watching her eat
Insatiable hunger
Time to feed

Total immobility, desirable consort
Confined to her bed, thighs hanging on the floor
Wobbling blubber, rippling rolls
Utmost satisfaction with phallus in folds

Limitless her flabbiness pushing things too far
His mistress exploding, flying blobs of lard
Blood, flesh and grease, intestines and gore
His beloved one now gone and won't come back no more

5. It Came From The Skies

Through remote galaxies
Beyond cosmic rays
Unobserved phenomenon
Traversing nameless space
Outside the solar system
Unidentified zones
Hidden in Nebulae
Composition unknown

Intruding explored cosmos
The menace now exposed
With hypervelocity
And it spreads unopposed
Atmospheric entrance
Disaster imminent
Gigantic collision
Impact event

The surface penetrated
High megaton yield
Rotation mechanism disturbed
Collapsed magnetic field

It came from the skies

Global eruptions
Cracking crusts and plates
Acidic waters
Species disintegrate
Re-entry of ejecta
Radiation intense
Ecology disrupted
The Cenozoic era ends

It came from the skies

6. The Grand Denial

Packs of the Nippon beast, scavenging the East
Expansion of territory with primeval savagery
Decades in torment, a mourning continent

Women their first reward, pleads for mercy ignored
Coercion and abduction, dragged to "comfort stations"
An army institution deployed for prostitution

Forced into the brothels
Abused and brutalized
Whole families murdered
Daughters dehumanized

Commodified rape centers
Virgins, underaged
Raped, stabbed, beaten, starved
Enslaved and caged

Injected No. 606, containing arsenics
Tens of thousands died of disease or suicide
A life of constant pain, forever in shame
Apologies never made, and if ever, they come too late

7. Incoming Death

Lethal contagious virus
Transmittable bacteria
The pandemic panic
Become mass hysteria
Overcrowded hospitals
Scientists research in vain
Constantly mutating plague
Countless swollen remains

Incoming death
Rapid it shreds
Incoming death
Mankind under threat!

Extraterrestrials arrive
Enormous fleet
No point in negotiating
All they want is meat
Commencing the bombardement
These bastards play it rough
Transporting cadavers
To their ships above

Incoming death
Alien jets
Incoming death
They need to be fed!

Lurid sounds on burial grounds
Rising from the grave
Swarming out over the earth
Slaughtering in waves
Stumbling, rotten corpses
Feasting on human flesh
The undead butchering all
Those who are still fresh

Incoming death
They rip and they shred
Incoming death
Zombies ahead!

8. Forerunners Of The Apocalypse

Thundering stampede
Storming hordes
From the depth of hell
Born on the horse
Mongol warriors
Heralded by their stench
Advancing cavalry
To siege Urgench

Boiled and hardened leather
Steel plates in chest
Catapulting corpses
Infected with pest
Whisting arrows
Curved sabres slash
Battering rams
Resistance smashed

Massacre those still alive
Masters of genocide

Survivors of the carnage
Assembled on the plains
Calculated cruelty
All shall be slain
Methodical beheadings
Pile up the dead
Mass decapitation
Pyramids of heads

9. Subterra Incognita

In sinister labyrinths
A world deep down below
Live the tunnel dwellers
The people known as moles

Network of forsaken caverns
Extensive catacombs
Compounds of several thousand
Who went down called it home

Small ordered societies
Efficient communities
Existing under the streets
Between rats and neglected hounds
Building thriving shantytowns
Underneath, underground
Foundations of humanity
In the bowels of the city
Establishing autonomy

Here is where you'll find the lost
The ones who failed and paid the cost
Where everyone bears his own cross

Illegal electricity
Anonymous pregnancies
Hidden away from charity
On the walls, occasionally
Decorative graffiti
Remarkable art galleries
Here they feel where they belong
Residents speak the same tongue
'Up top' everything is wrong
Degeneration process
Evolving nonetheless
In despair and hopelessness

10. Wildland Fire

Blackened horizons obscure the sun
A howling, living engine of devastation
Arson, drought, lightning, spontaneous combustion
Nature on the rampage, widespread destruction

Untamable monster, formidable pyre
Frenzied catastrophe, wildland fire

Burning vegetation, abundance of fuel
Ferocious winds hamper any rescue
Brave fighter units battling the blaze
In extreme conditions suppressing the waves

Anchor point located, rockslide, road or lake
To prevent outflanking, create the firebreak
Unbearable temperatures, hot embers fly
Prompting evacuation of the complexes nearby

Millions of acres consumed by the flames
Smoldering ashes are all that remains
Charring inferno, towering high
Raging, scorching heat, wildland fire

11. Death: The Only Immortal

Kali, Hel, Loviatar
Santa Muerte, Marzanna
Morrighan, Merau, Oyansa

Legends speak of reincarnation
Resurrection, afterlife
Truth be told by the presence in the shadows
When our time has come to die

Nephtys, Mors, Mania
Giltine, Dea Tacita
Tia, Ixtab, Ereshkigal

Empress of darkness, queen of shades
Legate of divine consciousness
All creatures equal before her
In the realm of forgetfulness

Yellow eyes weeping tears of blood
For the devout and infidels
Fools are we to mourn the dead
We better cry for ourselves

Death, the only immortal
Erasing all pain and misery
Enthroned in a sphere of utter blackness
Locks the universe when she leaves
The most powerful of forces
Welcome absolution
Her caring embrace grants everlasting peace
Eternal oblivion

Death descends
Cold, loving kiss
Everything ends
The final bliss

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