Promo '91 (demo)

1. The Sickened Dwell

Stench of Death welcomes you
In a crypt of agony
Dwelling in morbid thoughts
Awake, forgotten misery

Crawling maggots paradise
Rats consuming flesh
Hanging stiff on hooks
In the statement of his Eden

Searching for the truth
Root of life
Sickening experience
Reaper's knife

Sick, evil, god,
The abomination
Right, wrong, human
Beast, angel, divine, morbid revelation
Labyrinth of mind

2. Conjuration of Choronzon

Deep in your mind in a subconscious void
Eager to call he who's guarding the gates
Feast of evoking, down in my depths
Hellish provoking, and it comes from the depths

Circle of seance, in a trance of decay
Mass for abyss, so it will be done
Die! Only a soul is worth his affection
Giving your life, his only need
And at the gate the master is waiting
Come kneel and beg for his grace
One out of all has the privilege of approval
The rest remains dwelling and dwelling for evermore

Once a soul was risen
Dwelling through the crypts of knowledge
Fighting the powers of forgiveness
Remain an evil black soul

Only a soul, is worth his affection
Giving your life, all that he needs
Circle of seance, not one soul will awake
Eager to call, mass for abyss
And at the gate the master was waiting
Only one soul kneeled for his grace
One out of all had the privilege of power
The rest is there to die a thousand deaths

3. Diabolical Existence

Born to bow to the altar of the lord
Learn and pray
Watching you from above to dominate
Manipulate with this book
Caress an abstraction
It's only in your mind
Useless denial of reality
Diabolic existence
The root of evil is you
Centuries of inquisition
to burn your own mistake
Your eyes are the eyes of malevolence
Your horns are your faith and your cruelty
Your thoughts are corrupted with deceit
Honesty was burned at the stake
Agonize, brutalize crawl in disgust
the end of the truth is the beginning of your fate
The horns and the eyes of malice
Deceit is the name of the game

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