Asunder / Like Flies On Flesh

1. The Fall of Elders

Blue moon shone, quiescent the night
Stones of the gods set in the sky
Bound to the earth the watchers of life
Arms raised to touch the heavens
Behold the splendor of elders
The thrones of natures reign
Survivors of a million nights and days
Embracing life, a home to all inside
A blackened cloud arrives and all hide
All eyes fixed upon the heavens
On the horizon, Armageddon's horde
Overwhelming fear of a new lord
Birds take flight, the screams warm of doom
In creatures minds, the thoughts that all life dies soon
Earth trembles from beneath
Nature cowers to the holocaust machine
Eden's purity diseased
Thrones destroyed the crown's been seized
Winds of rapture doth blow
The children weep for thee
Your kingdom falls from grace and majesty
A ravaged wasteland of stumps, butchered
Torso's and limbs lie pulped
No bird song remains
Only the murmuring whirl of blades
Scorn for the ogres of conquest
The tyrants of concrete thrones
Only to rise and fall on their own

2. Tides of Ruin

Howls the thundersome winds
Almighty are the swells
Ever beating from within
Roam the trodden path of toll
And mercurial descent
Eyes welled with blinding tears
Clarity of providence
Unfolding chaos into depths beyond
To fulfill a prophecy
That devours and anguished soul
Under collapse we shiver
Wake of despair drifts in decay
Blackened wings seared by
The flightless woe of hearts ablaze
Lotus of mire, withered
Tides of ruin, all is lost
Water touches sky, fire, the earth
Deliverance at any cost

As they reach with oustretched hands
Seeking a spirit to fill their shell
Soulds hide deep in the shadows
Fleeing from that mortal hell
Watch them die
As they march towards the other side
Bound to the hollow promise
Of a heaven sent to this forgotten realm
Where only pain remains

3. Eulogy: Part I

4. Prelude to a Storm

I watch as the play unfolds
with cold, empty eyes.
I gaze through cracked reflections,
what have I become?
Death whispers through eternity,
I call your name inside my dreams.
Shroud me inside of eternal darkness,
allow me sleep without fear.

5. In Spite of You All

Liar... denying all that is real.
Betrayal turns to fear.
Liar... denying all that you feel.
Betrayal turns to tears.
Reaching out towards the end,
draining my life's blood.
The mournful bane called winter,
all life is in vain.

Like the dying of day,
we grow further away.
Instead of love,
we filled our hearts with pride,
all I feel is pain
and how I feel betrayed.
Did I ever know you at all?
Your empty soul will feel no loss.

There's a price to be paid
for the damage is done.
Now I know the limits of my trust
and I shed tears for no one.

We destroy our homes,
we resent our brothers.
We exploit ourselves
but we blame each other.

So go your own way.
Whisper your dreams to an empty room.

6. Punishment

I have faced our future.
I have felt the dying,
and how I dread tomorrow
with the fucking dawn of each new day.

Within this violent cycle
we too shall perish.
Unaware of our own demise,
prisoners of our fear.
Sickened by shame.

Kneeling, scraping, clawing,
cutting to the bone.
Burning, twisting, gnawing,
my flesh begins to crawl.

Helpless, broken, and scattered,
my body is retching in vein.
Struggling to break from existence.
Trembling... a slave to my pain.

7. A Pain That Lingers

I've seen cathedrals of the empire,
expand in monstrous ways to serve their Gods.
I've seen the benefits of industry,
giant hives belching smog.

I know injustice, I know apathy.
I've seen the nations rise and fall.
I've found betrayal in my closest friends.
I've seen enough to hate you all.

I am controlled by why I hate I am slave.
I am a victim of my rage and I am in pain.
I know that nothing comes from hate, I just can't help it.
I know the path I lead, but I'm halfway there.

Bright with a pain that burns inside,
sparked by rage and fueled with pride,
fills my heart and clouds my mind with anger and rage.
Late at night, when the cold wind blows,
the sky is weeping pain and sorrow,
this flame is all I have to comfort me.

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