L' tre Et La Nausťe

1. Procession Of The Insane Ones

Here are the fools gathered in the grand temple of implausible sermons
Swallowing all laborious lies of their mentors like hungry lost sheeps (sic)
And spreading words like an orphan disease while smiling at each other
By invoking tho fortune of their fates and the mercy of their souls

All these models of disciples are born under the sign of mental void
Trephined at birth, they all have been willing to aspire to a spiritual life
Thus, mothered had to be a faith to try to reach the purest state of glowing
By worshiping false idols created by a horde of powerful thirsty crooks
Able to commit the worst sinister crimes and cowardest (sic) sins on this earth

Incestuous orgies and other foul pleasures of flesh on the sacred altar
Blood, dribble and semen spilled in the names of the worshiped icons
Soiled limbs, destroyed lives carried out by a bunch of supposedly holy men

Innocences volées, destins damnés, aberrantes sanctifications de l'áme
Dénégation de la vie, anéantissement de l'étre, annihilation sociale
Asservissement de l'espirit, dévotion absolue et renonciation au dualisme
Ne méneraient qu'à la destruction programmée de ces disciples du néant

Et un beau jour, l'heure de la dernière cérémonie sonna
O√Ļ le chand du coq retentit pour la toute derni√®re fois
La macabre procession s'érigea et les adepes suivirent
Main dans la main, deux par deux, tous abreuvés de béatitude
Munis de leur foi létale, ils chantérent à la mort de la raison

Signe effroyable d'un ultime hommage à la perfidie la plustotale

At the end of the walking, they celebrated their inescapable perdition
Gathered around a fire, they were devoted to the sadism of wicked
While declaiming all these prayers pointing at religious irrationality

Then sobbing burst and an unrelenting chaos became established
Men and women were all invited to join the promised world above
And the corpses of the followers jammed in to form a mass grave
Soaking all the earth with moral weakness and the quintessence of sins

And the funeral oration ended
And the doleful procession vanished

2. Face The Loss Of Your Sanity

Cutting your flesh, burning your skin repeatedly to try to ease your stifling despondency
Will lead you to a state where your mind will only be replete with suffering and self pity
Refusing to liberate your mind from obsessions and to be given any form of guidance
Will make you rule a self sufficient land full of anguish, phobias and mind expansions

Firm belief in demonic possessions (repulsion of your deficient human sides)

Deep inside of you, you can't convince yourself they're all staring at you in a well meant way
No trust at all, you have to live everyday with the judgments about your way of acting
Looking through those vicious eyes, you only see perversion and an upcoming conspiracy
They are determined to lobotomize you, steal all your might and forsake you in an institution

Voices in your head resonating again and again, communication with the world above
Feel the beast inside you being cheered by orders coming from your spiritual comrades
Hear the avenging spell guiding you into a bleak landscape where only treason dwells
Leave your humanness there and schedule your crusade against whoever can destroy you

Anyway, they all know what they have done to you so they will pay for their betrayals
They shouldn't have taken you for a fool, and left you here alone between these walls

Now it's time for retaliation, blood has to be spilled
Blades are sharp and ready to carve the flesh of traitors
Unholy sacrifices to take revenge against dire humiliation
Only impure remains will be laid in my row of coffins

In the battlefield, all your opponents have such a friendly face
They look like living deads (sic) who have been poking fun at you
Their laughters (sic) are now so piercing that they make you feel dizzy
Your ears are about to explode when inner allies start dictating

While wrath is exploding all these curs are now screaming for your mercy
Why don't they choose to fight and put an end to this unfair cruelty?
Yet, then come the lucid moments after the well deserved mutiny
After being beaten up you are now enchained like an enraged animal

Gisant au milieu des tes miasmes putrides, tu somnoles et t'enfonces
Contemple l'interdit de cette corde, salvatrice d'un fardeau qui te ronge
Renonce à cette tumeur de vie que tu portes et abime ton destin

Las de reagir ou d'eprouver une quetconque sensation et √©tats d'√Ęme
Ton sang se glace, la délivrance est proche, tet est désormais ton destin
Ne plus être au sein de ce bas monde et rester incompris jusqu à la fin

3. Etats D'√Ęme


4. Dread The Villains

Here comes that glorious race of degraded beings
Smiling at those who will cross their usurped path

Premeditating everything required to establish fake links
But driveling in the back whenever they will be able to

All these scheming evildoers aspire to be surrounded
High are their hopes they won't refrain from trespassing
No real effort at all to make, they just shamefully wait for
The best moment to appropriate all thoughts shining

Mistrust the villains
Spokesmen of empty words
Dread the villains
Manufacturers of black phlegm

Will they ever get tired of overfeeding themselves?
Engorging more and more without absorbing once
Never satisfied, they're even able to eat your brain
So make sure to wrap ignominies with distorted gold

Keep on hand-feeding them but always string them along
Fill their hunger with scum until they can't forevermore
Envenom their thoughts until they are on the road to ruin
Then embalm them and use their remains as scarecrows

Teach your children how to identify double dealers
Do your best to fit them out with only strong weapons
Show them how to vomit astutely in their hollow brains
Sullying is the only weapon of those who envy

5. Nausée

Another day, another morning, you wake up with no urge at all inside you
You just open your curtains and look at people being through your window

No effort at all to provide, you are just an extra piece in a living scenery
Everything was there when you were born, it won't change when you'll be gone
How little we all are, almost useless in the centre of a disguised nothingness
Realize once and for all, you're just another drop in a self devastating ocean

Regarde-toi dans ce miroir et contemple toutes ces marques dur ton visage
Jour après jour, tu te vides davantage et te flétris sans aucune réelle emprise
Tu dois supporter le poids de cete défante dans ces yeux qui pourtant espérent
Nous aurions tous aimé naitre sans aucune forme de conscience de soi
Vivre simplement comme des animaux répondant àleurs instincts primaries
Tout serait bien plus simple ainsi, oui tout aurait été bien plus simple ainsi
Nous n'aurions pas à porter ce fardeau de vie conduisant à cette nausèe
Nous empênchant de vivre et de profiter de chaque instant présent...

Alone at your table, nobody to speak with, staring at all this mess around you

Counting hours passing and waiting stoically for the end of that cursed day
Nobody remaining at your sides but just wastes and your own mortal emanations
They all remind you that routine of life gnawing slowly all your bones and soul
And wrecking that own free will to take part in all these kind of absurd scenarios

Finally, your stomach starts yelling, it's time to feed all that mass of living flesh
Maybe, tomorrow will be a better day and this time it will worth waking up
So your hands start crawling towards your cutleries (sic) like trembling filthy worms
Sorely you hold them tight like a little bird bringing painfully its prey to its nest
Enjoy the flavour of tasteless dead matter decomposing in your slobbery mouth

Now, it's time to foster your sociality (sic), bring back some fuel in that suffocating home
You must convince yourself you're above all of them to keep that faith towards life
You want to be nourished by complaints and weeping;
You want them to beg for your help

Domination is the key: ruling over their minds will help you to reach the end of the day
So you start visiting your usual places and take part into (sic) countless futile conversations

Walking back home, now you pray your legs to not leave you once and for all
Focused on your feet, you try to avoid the sharp stones and curious staring eyes
Let me introduce you other (sic) humans running after the same fatuous ideals
Begging for recognition, assuming their irresponsibility and ready to muck you
So be the first one at the starting line, don't hesitate to shove them and welcome glory

Jonathan ‚Äď Bass, Vocals
Pierre ‚Äď Drums
Sylvain ‚Äď Guitars
Fred ‚Äď Guitars

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