1. People Swarming, Evil Ruling

You can't help beholding that troubling wave in the distance
Even if you're told that it doesn't have to be considered
Still, you've just embarked a precarious raft that heads towards it
Believing in your lucky star, failure won't be yours this time

Overfed with disillusions, you were enrolled by a considerate wise man
He talked about another path, these words echoed in your soul
At last a promised land where deception won't ever be
Lifelong recognition for all, no more profit upon misery

Yet, inside that tiny boat, don't be surprised if you're not the only one
As men can't stop preaching, room will soon be scarce

No more silence to take advantage of, they're all roaring with laughter
Soon pitted against one another, hell is other people

Unbearable heat, human bodies as embers
Enough with their speaking, no need to fill emptiness
Excruciating flesh, just feels like skinning oneself
Suffocating air, painfully able to catch your breath

Grovelling among the mass, nobody really cares about you
You'd rather fear your neighbors as they could easily murder you
Human bodies can be quickly reduced to a pile of bloody meat

Feasting with bitter wine, then slicing human meat
Embracing their worst instincts by preying on the weak
Molesting and torturing to simply thrive on their cruelty
Denuding corpses so as to bribe their frail safeness
Where are the wise men? Here there're only ferocious beasts!
Hell is here! Demons dwell among the mass!

Hopeless race, mankind will be remembered as the worst species
The story has always repeated itself, enough with nice stories

M?fie-toi des hommes, leur cruaut? n?a d??gale que leur l?chet?
Attends patiemment ton heure car tes jours sont ici compt?s
Mais n'aie crainte car tu n?es rien ? l??chelle de l?humanit? qui n'a de cesse de prolif?rer
Ton destin est scell?, accepte alors l'inexorable fatalit?
People swarming, evil ruling. People swarming, evil ruling
People swarming, evil ruling. People swarming, evil ruling

2. Coronation Of The Leeches

Lies upon lies, eat that smile right off your backstabber's face
The crown of cloaked duplicity keeps on holding you straight
So eager to see you stumbling with your head hitting the rock
Cracking your skull, marking you deep with open wounds

Yet, tough and solid like a rock, you shan't surrender
No matter how painful it will be, you shall surpass yourself
The prize of glory will ever light the end of this gloomy tunnel
Tread upon the issues, embrace slander and rejoice in solitude

Betrayals upon betrayals, see yourself as an ignored demigod
Open the holy gates of your realm to your dreaded friends of hell
Hand feed them, promise titles of gentry to all the ones swearing
Celebrate and divide up the fresh remains of your jester's rotting

R?gurgite les restes et prends soin de les distribuer aux sc?l?rats
Contemple tous ces cafards s?en d?lecter jusqu?? atteindre sati?t?

Preaching the divine will, securing a seat among the canonized ones
Convert all the wicked ones, let them hang on every single word
Make them cleanse their dignity, let them guide your own downfall

Hold unto your host, engulf his life
Never give up, always drill further

Preaching the divine will, not securing a seat among the carbonized ones
Convert all the ratty ones, make themselves useful and sing praises
Make them cleanse their dignity, let them be outraged with your own downfall

You're just a leech, nothing but a hideous and arrogant parasite
You must be plucked out and crushed before you make your host lifeless
I will sully your memoirs and abandon your legacy to a bunch of vultures
Then I will desecrate your tomb by converting it into a popular urinal

3. Résignés

Waking up in the morning, everything looks exactly the same as yesterday
Once more the light hardly pierces that infected smog, making the air suffocating

Nothing has changed, we are the apathetic accomplices of a dying world
Infecting and draining, we have already scheduled our own eradication
How great we are at destroying, wasting and pointing fingers at self-created culprits

Now behold the grime as far as the eye can see

Only ruinous saviors are ruling, they were given the reins of our own destiny
They've derided our miserable beings, numerous but still truly insignificant
Armed with deceitful compassion, their aim is to reach the hearts of the weak

Unfortunate mankind, blame your innocence as it's your sole fault
Destitute children, all of them have received the prize of your cupidity
Poison and parasites have already been concealed in your own bread
Earth's flourishing nature will be soon reduced to nothingness

Tomorrow already tastes bitter, lessons will never be learnt
Debauched procreation, only fouled wine will be soon awaiting
Thirst for power, enroll all your people in the era of the wicked
Starvation, murders and slaughters will be soon regulating the norm

D?go?t profond pour ce monde sans avenir
J?ex?cre cette race humaine sans devenir

Que notre terre rende gr?ce ? la maladie ainsi qu?? toutes ses ?pid?mies
L?horreur ici-bas n'a de cesse d'exceller, n?accordons-lui aucune mis?ricorde
L?homme s?est engag? dans la voie de la d?mence, l?assumera-t-il un jour?
Se dessinent d?j? au loin les contours du mur dans lequel nous nous ?craserons
Car la nature reprendra t?t ou tard son droit en nous r?duisant tous ? n?ant
Prions juste que cette fin ne soit pas sous le signe d?un nouveau d?part
R?sign?s! A jamais r?sign?s! R?sign?s! A jamais r?sign?s!

4. Les affres du trépas [Part I]

All these perishable cells are sentenced to rot quietly one by one
Out of control, yet determined to be merciless doom-bringers
They'll conduct the slow and painful atrophy of your own limbs

Attracted by the delight of decay, vultures start prowling around in circles
They stare with envy, all so eager to taste the delight of rotten flesh
While you're struggling in vain, they're already taking care of your demise

Forlorn and forsaken, feel your very last forces vanishing
Bathing in your own miasma, face the disgust of your stench

D?tresse, amertume et d?chirements
Maudite soit cette condition humaine
Nous n?en sortirons pas indemnes
Consentons alors ? notre dernier sommeil

Darkness prevailing, once in the pit you cannot fall any deeper
Rebirth through flesh reprocessing, worms are all emerging

Angoisses, r?signation et afflictions
Maudite soit cette condition humaine
Nous n?en sortirons pas indemnes
Consentons alors ? notre dernier sommeil

Fear of the unknown, unworthy idols start spurting out of your mind
A so-called redemption may await at the other side of this dire world
No need to hope in vain, you'll be scattered by the claws of nothingness

Redoute le dernier souffle qui te m?nera ? jamais dans les tr?fonds de l?indiff?rence
B?nis soient les parasites qui se d?lecteront de ton cadavre et prolif?reront par milliers
Enchante-toi de cette nouvelle forme de vie qui aurait pu se r?soudre ? un tas de cendres
Que ton ?me trouve enfin la paix car c?est ainsi que la vie est un ?ternel recommencement
Maudits soient les dieux car leur unique aspiration est de nous ab?tir et nous mener ? notre perte
Ex?cre alors toutes ces chim?res qui n?ont de cesse de nous noyer dans les affres du tr?pas

5. Les affres du trépas [Part II]

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