Autumnal Heavens

1. The Sombre Cabinet

Open the book
Absorb the light
There it’s saturnine
Where’s bred your kind

2. Autumnal Heavens

When at night God closes his eyes
nor his eyelit warms the sky
Rats crawl from the corner of the room
From the folds of his robe

Heath a fate of lupine stars
horrid children play
They stare from lone dead trees
to the bottom of the soul

Black rain engulfs the night fate
among the corpses grove
A silent night lace
stalks on hallowed ground
A lonely walk
The autumnal cold
weaves mourning in my thoughts

Snowfall hides the nightmares
happened while they steps
Forgotten solitaire
walks the lunar cold
The hallowed sleep
in their coffin keep
A lonely winter night beside

Risen from tender sunsets
Golgothian would
A horrid lore
drips from his rotted sores
An echo haunts
the hollow soul
… as lunacy encloses

3. Of Endless Fall Is the Land Below

A sudden wait of heart
emerges from the distant autumn tide
A daytime moon comes with him
who walks alone

“No murder to fill my hands with”

No comfort in the darkness
The isolation grave
The meadow moulds
where bare feet lead
a cold that grants eternity

The shepherd shivers
amongst these darkest veils
A harmful temper
amidst these autumn shades

Those cloaked in darkness
still walk beside
wherever the shepherd leads

At night the dawnless faces
abandoned places
Tearing him apart
into the void beneath the ground
where empty coffins lie

One sinks down

to lock him in the darkness
among the rotting fear
One slightly moulds
where no sun never
fames the wrath
that will guard us till eternity

4. Spectres of Mortality

Dim lies the fallow land
amidst skeletal skies
that dru out into the void of the mortal soul

Lantern light
the way to immortality
beside the gallows torn to snow

Light is black
shines through the empty eyes
among the alley of the dead

We soar at night
onto an eager sky
that eats our flesh and burns our souls

Softly falls sorrow
into the darkness of the lone
soft garroting cold
…Lucifer shines through weary nights

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