1. At Winterdawn

at winterdawn

when the night seizes the land
a sea of pain is the sky
waves of dusk fall from skydoms horrid planes
tear the landside to the sea

silent weeps the soulset by the graves of woe
distant meadows of threatning death
the city shivers motionless at evening the world's
a silent building moribound eternally

a cold hand touches, souls succumb
and the world withers silently
lone beneath the skylit halls
the orphans of god

cold is the moonlight
stalks into the heart
ashen snow falls
on mankinds early grave

2. Deadlights


grim is the call of the night
the distant willow sleeps an eerie dream
sadness drinks the light of the moon from my eyes
blissful in the snowfall coming night

a haunt in the trees
in the pale evening breeze

still the dread
night lifts the eyelid of the dead
a light smiles in the gallowtree

lone distance weeps
sang to the nightful
envy of life
far from darkening villages at night

3. Leper Moon

leper moon

a leper moon
casts a shroud unto the land
reflects the suns
putrid stare

deathlike the land
lies in gods bleak eyes
a tire glance
the face in the mirror

...the horrid face of death

inside the coffins
mortal shell
a god made soul
oblivious to hell

...reap the mortals

4. Saturn The Solitaire

saturn the solitaire

nothing but sorrow
beneath the shores of life
trough these eternal winters
no skylit warms my eyes
we hide in graves of fortune
by lakes of stars at night
ans none but thus pale nightmares
walk these endless nights

silent drains the bittercold
life from my eyes
dark wraiths of eternal winters
are the ways of morningstorms
as I wander through these timeless
...lifeless forlorn

cold as by dawn waits the world

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