From the Lone Winters Cold

1. From the Lone Winters Cold

Sorrow dawns from the lone winters cold
At silent walk into the dark
The world sleeps alone
Clad in a darker gown
As black rain falls
From mortuary skies

Sorrows dominion
In gods wakeful night
Frost covers the wounds
Frozen but preserved
As black rain falls moulding on the graves

Snowfall hides the mournful graves
Waiting in the cold
Hope lies there
Ganger to rest
At church bell chimes
Lonely in the night
Leads the cortege home

Come raging storms
Cleanse the body of the soul
Death steps down
Closer to the thought
Which rises at night
Unto dreamless heights
The sorrow olden times

They shall fall from the lone winters cold
Into the dismal night
The void absorbs the souls
And binds them in the cold
As black rain falls
And washes the dirt into the ground

2. A Ride the Celestial Night

When the wolves haunt the upcoming night
Miserable is the wait of the ever-slain
Feel the pearly winters breath in thy dim eye
As soulflakes fall to the underdark

Wraiths in the wind in the willow trees
Tear the morrow from the soul
Leaves tree empty in the snowy cold
Thou wanderer in starful night

Dusk drains life from the sallow light
Grants it to somber night and vanity
This is the rise of the dismal tide
The harvest of souls

Death’s a maidens minnesong
Sung to the welkins dearest stars

It’s a ride the celestial night

3. The Nightful Sleep Below

Dreams night long in utter hell
Day shivers
By the touch of the gold of the evening
I open my eyes

I awake by night and fire
From my rest
The land lies nightly silent
In my hands

I wait at the edge of the world
Buried in shallow grave
Locked in a corpse

And that pale cold body
In the snow
My touch is cold desire
Inhale your soul

Jet the night is awake
Grim and pale
The night is awake
Fear the bines from the graves

4. At Winterdawn

When the night seizer the land
A sea of pain is he sky
Waves of dusk
Fall from skydoms horrid plains
Fear the landside to the sea

Silent weeps the soulset
By the graves of woe
Distant meadows of threatening death
The city shivers motionless
At evening the world’s
A silent building moribund eternally

At cold hand touches, souls succumb
And the world withers silently
Lone beneath the starlit halls
The orphands of god

Cold is the moonlight
Stalks into the heart
Ashen snow falls
…on mankinds early grave

5. The Orcus Storms

Black is the thought
Is the sword held up high
As the word calls the nether depths

Poisoned with might
Thrones the fury of the sundown
On the welkin of a world forlorn

At dirge arose in the still of the night
And the hallowed lay down to die

Struck by the stars
As the silence of god
Falls from the shallow trees

Vultures in wait
For the coming of the day
Prepare the graves
For the children of the dark

Cleanse the plains
Of mankinds shame
From skylits eye frozen tears descend
As we vanish in the snow

6. Deadlights

…grim is the call of the night
The distant willow
Sleeps an eerie dream
Drinks the light of the moon
From my eyes
Blissful in the snowfall coming night

At haunt in the trees
In the pale evening breeze

…still the dread
Night lifts the eyelid of the dead
…at light smiles
In the gallow tree

Lone distance weeps
Lang to the nightful
…envy of life
Far from
Darkening villages at night

7. Bearer of Sorrow

Arise from eerie woods
Mossgrounds nightful eyes
Spectres of the forests lap
Guardians of the hills

Behold the distant villages
Pulsating cold
Clad in starlits silver cloak

Bearer of sorrow
Reaping mankinds seed
…since eternity

Sheephearted herds dine
On poisoned ground
Waiting to be torn

Old is the world
Grim and cold

Behold us mighty watchers
Nightful glare
While we’re reaping plague
From barren fields

Bearer of hatred
Bid us from the face of the earth

…let me walk among the wolves

8. A Thrall of the Night

Snow falls on frosty soil
In my mournful place
Where at night the sorrow rains
Silently… eternally

Silent lie the barren plains
In this magical night
While above in snowy cold
Thrones the mount

…and suddenly they’re calling me

The wind blows stronger; as it went cold
Its mighty sound I hear as the thunderclap draws near

Behold the mountainside
The wood enclosed in snow
My emptiness invited them

Then touches me coldly
…the thrall of the woods
…of the night

Snow falls on frosty soil
On my mournful grave
While above no morrow dawns
Silently… eternally

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